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Weekly News Items from the Israeli Press, March 22, 2012


JFNA in the Israeli Press

France shooting is attack on all Jews, say U.S., European Jewish groups

(Haaretz) New York City police ramp security at synagogues and other Jewish institutions citywide.


Federation Projects in the Israeli Press

Organizations Supporting BDS to March in Israeli Day Parade

(Israel National News) The New Israel Fund, an organization that encourages boycotts, divestments, sanctions against Israel, to participate in Israeli Day Parade.


JFNA Partners in the Israeli Press

Birthright Gives Special Ed Youth an Israel Experience

(Israel National News) Eight young Jewish adults with various degrees of mental and physical disabilities spent ten days touring Israel.


Security at Toulouse school removed last year due to lack of funds

(Times of Israel) New lobby to strengthen to Jewish people is launched in Knesset, dubbed “Lobby to Strengthen the Jewish People.”


Civil Society

Shooting stuns Toulouse chief rabbi, Jewish groups

(Jpost) (JFNA mentioned) Rabbi Avraham Weill said his community in "misery" after attack; AJC, World Jewish Congress condemn assault on Jewish school.


Torn by grief, united in anguish at a Jerusalem funeral

(Times of Israel) The French community in Jerusalem came together Wednesday in sorrow as they buried four of their own on the Mount of Rest.


New bill to drastically limit ultra-Orthodox exemptions from army

(Israel National News) In legislation aimed to replace the Tal Law, only 10%-20% will be allowed to study instead of serve


Welfare and Social Issues

State to compensate families of soldiers whose organs were secretly harvested

(Times of Israel) ‘No compensation can fix the wrongs that were done,’ families’ lawyer says

Israel hayom


Social Protests

J14 protest leader: Housing recommendations a bluff

(Jpost) "If it looks like a bluff, walks like a bluff, and smells like a bluff,  chances are it is a bluff,” says National Union of Students chair.


Religious Pluralism in Israel

Herzliya city council supports bus service on Shabbat, following Tel Aviv's lead

(Haaretz) Proponents in Herzliya say the move would cut down on air pollution as fewer people use their cars. There would also be less traffic and fewer traffic accidents.


Jewish World

'Tzohar bills' approved for first plenum reading

(Jpost) Legislation would make it easier for national-religious rabbis to marry couples in any city or municipality.


A convert in a strange land

(Times of Israel) I have embraced Judaism. When will I be embraced in return?


Israel Philanthropy

British philanthropist shows Israel how to boost its culture of giving

(Haaretz) Dame Stephanie 'Steve' Shirley was a Kindertransport refugee who became one of Britain's best-known philanthropists. Now she's coming to show Israelis that charity begins at home.


Israel Advocacy/Relations

'Israel Loves Iran' initiative takes off on Facebook

(Haaretz) Online posters sending messages of love and peace draw widespread attention and support; Iranian citizens send messages of thanks and praise.


A love letter to Israelis

(Ynet news) Op-ed: Pro-Israel blogger tries to counter Sweden’s new national sport – bashing Jewish state


Israeli expert helps UN deal with disasters

(Ynet news) Odeda Benin Goren travels around the world, providing different countries with humanitarian aid on behalf of international organization


Sports and Culture

Jerusalem Marathon / The wetness of the long-distance runner

(Haaretz) In Jerusalem, people are truly amazed by the fact that other people take to the streets, to the difficult slopes, to the pouring rain - and run for the mere fun of it.


Op-Eds and Opinion Pieces from the Israel Press

Yisrael Hayom calls to, "Neutralize Iran for the sake of peace."  The author argues that, "The danger is not only the possibility of the actual use of nuclear weapons, but rather the diplomatic implications of Iran becoming a regional nuclear power.  All peace loving Israelis must view the prevention of Iran's nuclear armament as Israel's top diplomatic-security priority.  It is preferable that it be attained diplomatically, through heavy sanctions imposed by the free world on Iran.  If those measures fail, there will probably be no other option than an Israeli strike, even if no one desires it."


Yediot Ahronot believes that the recent New York Times story that US intelligence and the Mossad are in agreement that the Iranian leadership has yet to decide to produce a nuclear bomb, "may have been filed by the White House Spin Department."  While the author asserts that both Washington and Jerusalem are engaged in active manipulation and spin, he nevertheless states that, "Manipulations conceal the main argument – and the argument is not over facts.  If Israel wants to attack by itself, its timetable is short.  The Americans, if they want to attack, will be able to do so even in the next year or two.  Israel does not believe that the US will go to war against Iran despite Obama's promises.  Moreover, Israel fears that if its window of opportunity for an attack closes, it will thereby lose a vital lever with which to pressure the American administration into acting against Iran."