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Weekly News Items from the Israeli Press, March 29, 2012


Welfare and Social Issues

Battered women in shelters now eligible for benefits

(Ynet) Legislation seeking to enable women residing in domestic violence shelters to claim income support benefits passes second, third Knesset readings


Pro-Palestinian activists to hold second 'fly-in'

(Jpost ) Organizers say they expect 1,500- 2,000 people to arrive in Ben-Gurion Airport to protest Israeli policy vis-a-vis Palestinians.


Israel Health Ministry may end ban on blood donations from gay men

(Haaretz) Proposed change would allow men who had same-sex intercourse 10 or more years ago to donate blood that will be accepted by the blood bank.


Aliyah and Immigration

From catwalk to guard duty

(Times of Israel) Former contestant on ‘America’s Next Top Model’ is now an IDF recruit



Religious Pluralism in Israel

The rabbinate: Making a practice of discrimination

(Times of Israel) I am a Conservative (Masorti) Jew living in Israel, and I’m done apologizing for it.


Embrace the stranger in our midst

(Times of Israel) Even if we cannot eradicate the complexity of our tradition’s attitude to conversion, we must understand the pain it causes for those who seek to join us


Jewish World

Ultra-Orthodox pressure delays vote on bill to facilitate marriage

(Israel Hayom) Following threats from United Torah Judaism's chairman, Prime Minister Netanyahu delays until summer a vote on the "Tzohar Law," which would allow couples to register for marriage at any rabbinate.


Toulouse Jewish school receiving hate mail since attack

(Times of Israel) The Jewish school in France where a gunman killed three children and a teacher has received a rash of anti-Semitic hate mail and phone calls since the attack.


One day you will celebrate life

(Jpost ) An open letter to Eva Sandler who lost her husband and two sons in the Toulouse terrorist attack.


Israel Advocacy/Relations

‘Emigrés are no longer enemies of the state'

(Jpost ) JPPI fellow Yogev Karasenty: Let Israelis living abroad for under 4 years vote, subsidize Jewish day-school education.



Arabs excluded from traditional Independence Day event?

(Ynet) Politicians blast committee's failure to include minorities in Independence Day torch-lighting ceremony


Israel-US Relations

'95% of Israelis think US Jewish support essential'

(Jpost ) Poll shows most Israelis perceive US Jewish support of state as important; MKs fly to US to learn about Jewish community.


Science, Technology and Development

ILA mulls mitigations for solar energy projects

(Ynet) Israel Land Administration aims to facilitate 57 new solar energy projects by offering zoning mitigations


Op-Eds and Opinion Pieces from the Israel Press

Yediot Ahronot argues that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has, "ignored the criticism."  The author says that, "The Bank of Israel's annual report contained sharp criticism of his Government but Benjamin Netanyahu reacted with satisfaction and did not relate to the problematic paragraphs."


Ma'ariv contends that, "The primary results have left a large portion of Kadima voters without representation.  [Labor Party Chairwoman Shelly] Yachimovich and [media personality Yair] Lapid [who is forming a new party] are far from providing them with an answer."