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Weekly News Items from the Israeli Press, January 26, 2012

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JFNA Partners in the Israeli Press

Survey: More ultra-Orthodox integrating into work force, society

(Israel Hayom) Eighty-three percent of ultra-Orthodox IDF or national civilian service volunteers intend to find work or go to school following their service.


Fighting Israeli prejudice is no black and white issue

(Haaretz) Israel's leaders are meticulous in decimating the chance of solidarity among us. Backed up by nationalist forces on the one side and economic forces on the other, they are taking 'divide and conquer' to the next level.


Welfare and Social Issues

Debate over Citizenship Law muddied by inaccuracies

(Jpost) "Acknowledging that Israel’s citizenship law is similar to other democratic states would counter their campaigns."


Per-capita hospital beds drop to lowest in OECD

(Jpost) Despite growing, aging of Israeli population, number and rate of budgeted hospital beds continued to decline in 2010.


Interior Minister approves residency for 257 foreign worker families, rejects 118 cases

(Haaretz) Following an August 2010 decision to grant residency to foreign worker families with children born in Israel who meet certain criteria, Eli Yishai accepts recommendations on 635 cases.



Racially segregated kindergarten creates uproar

(Israel Hayom) Storm of controversy erupts over Mevaseret Zion's segregated kindergarten for Ethiopian. Chairman of the Committee for Immigration says a hearing into matter will be held immediately.


Knesset Preparing 'Corrective Discrimination' of Ethiopians

(Israel National News) Knesset's Aliyah and Absorption Committee visits Ethiopians in Kiryat Malachi, sees racism and success stories.


Let’s give them a hand

(Ynet) Op-ed: Israelis of all colors and races must join Ethiopian community’s war on racism


Halting discrimination

(Jpost) Combating the debilitating effects of Ethiopian ghettos is the first order of business.


Jewish World

Israeli Jews becoming more religious, poll finds

(Jpost) 85% Israeli Jews say Jewish holidays important; over 50% support instituting civil marriage.


Army unsuitable for haredim

(Ynet) Op-ed: IDF doesn’t really want to integrate haredim, it only wants to make them secular


49%: Excuse troops from listening to women

(Ynet) Nearly half of Israel's Jewish population believes religious soldiers should not be forced to attend events which include women performers. Fifty-nine percent of haredim say women in their sector are not discriminated against, while 41% think they are


Israel Philanthropy

How do you say 'good dog' in Yiddish?

(Ynet) Dutch dog trained to receive orders from volunteers in Israeli firefighters' haredi unit. 'It'll help locate haredi disaster victims and missing people crying for help in Yiddish,' says program's coordinator


Israel Advocacy/Relations

Poll: Majority thinks MKs should consider Diaspora

(Jpost) Most Israelis believe world Jewry should be considered in lawmaking, poll finds; caucus to address Israel, Diaspora gap.


Israel and China – toward the next 20 years

(Jpost) The benefits for Israel from closer relations with China are seemingly obvious.


Israel-US Relations

‘American Jewish Caucus’ Lobbies Knesset

(Israel National News) A new American Jewish caucus is launched to lobby the Knesset to consider Diaspora Jews and may challenge the definition of who is a Jew.


Arts and Culture

The break-dancer who does it with her fingers

(Israel 21C) Holon resident Lilach Chen invented the art of finger break-dancing. Viewers and corporations worldwide can't get enough of it.


Science, Technology and Development

Better Place's Electric Cars Hit the Roads

(Israel National News) Israeli company Better Place celebrates fourth anniversary, officially inaugurates its first fleet of electrical cars.


Clinton, Peres speak in virtual peace conference

(Jpost) Dignitaries speak in "Yala Young Leader's Conference for Peace" conference on Facebook.


Op-Eds and Opinion Pieces from the Israel Press

Yisrael Hayom asserts that, "In the current round of the cyber war as well, the damage to Israel's image is much greater than the physical damage," and adds that defacing a newspaper's and a hospital's websites is not the same as rewriting stories or altering medical test records.  However, the author adds that the latest incidents must be a warning that, "We are under intensive attack and that those who very much want to cause damage are liable to succeed."  The paper complains that, "The promised cyber directorate in the Prime Minister's Office has been too slow in getting organized," and calls for Israel to become more adept at cyberwarfare, "in defense and – mainly – on attack."


Yediot Ahronot responds to a woman protesting against the high cost of living in Israel by saying, "Whoever thinks like you that an arrangement with the Palestinians in unimportant, lives in a dangerous fantasy.  With no agreement, or real progress towards one, another intifada will break out, the third, which will be worse than its predecessors.  It will endanger your future and that of your children a thousand, thousand times more than the lack of competition at your supermarket chain and the real estate bubble."