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Weekly News Items from the Israeli Press, January 5, 2012


JFNA in the Israeli Press

Is it just about money?

(Jpost) It is about recognizing that the partnership between Israel and the Diaspora is a two-way process.


Federation Projects in the Israeli Press

NY kids visit Mevasseret absorption center

(Ynet) Fifteen children from New York, visiting Israel as part of UJA-Federation of New York, meet with 20 Ethiopian children to build dreidels and eat sufganiot together


Haifa launches $4.5m. project to guide parents

(Jpost) Program seeks to affect the lives of Israeli children by reaching out to the ones they’re closest to: their parents.


JFNA Partners in the Israeli Press

Jewish Agency plans to ax funding for immigrant students

(Haaretz) Olim students may stop receiving financial aid at end of current academic year, following decision to shift priorities away from absorption and toward strengthening Jewish identity of Jews living abroad.


A decade of good deeds

(Ynet) Partnership that brings Montreal volunteers to southern Israel marks 10th anniversary


PM Netanyahu Inspires Taglit Birthright-Israel Participants

(Israel National News) Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed the Taglit Birthright Israel Mega Event: Be proud of your birthright.


US social work students visit Israel

(Ynet) Outstanding students from select NY-based graduate programs participate in unique seminar exploring social, political realities of life in Jewish state


Welfare and Social Issues

OECD shatters myth that family comes first in Israel

(The Marker) We spend less time with the kids than others do, work like dogs and - surprise - deeply mistrust government.


Minister: Haredi Shoah display 'insane'

(Ynet) Yossi Peled, a Holocaust survivor, tells Ynet he couldn't believe his eyes when he saw ultra-Orthodox children reenacting famous Warsaw Ghetto picture.


Time for Israeli civil war?

(Ynet) Op-ed: Silent majority may have to resort to violent, non-democratic means to save Israel


Jewish World

An orgy of hatred

(Ynet) Op-ed: Amnon Levy slams blatant, seemingly liberal incitement against the haredim


Israeli Economy

2012: The good, the bad and the costly

(The Marker) A prediction of changes for the Israeli consumer in 2012



Cabinet approves Dead Sea royalties deal

(Jpost) Environmental union says the agreement is a severe blow to the public interest.


Green groups take deal between Israel and Dead Sea Works with pinch of salt

(Haaretz) Company will pay for most of the salt-harvesting project that aims to protect hotels at the southern end of the Dead Sea from flooding, a project whose cost is estimated at NIS 3.8 billion.


Knesset Bills

'Bills limiting settlers, Arabs as justices valid'

(Jpost) Knesset Legal Adviser says legislation by Tibi, Ben-Ari on Supreme Court justice selection should not be disqualified.


Israel bill to force Palestinians to prove ownership over land used for West Bank outposts

(Haaretz) The bill would only allow a military commander to order a settler off land if there is a final court order based on evidence issued by a court authorized to deal with land issues.


Science, Technology and Development

Tel Aviv named one of the world’s ‘most creative cities’

(Haaretz) Canada’s Globe and Mail lists Israeli city alongside London, Sydney, Stockholm and Shanghai as a global center of technological innovation.



Think you know what happened in Israel & the Mideast in 2011?

(Haaretz) Take a quiz to find out


Op-Eds and Opinion Pieces from the Israel Press

Yediot Ahronot claims that the aspirations of last summer's socio-economic protests have gone largely unfulfilled and fears that violence could break out as a result.  The author says that, "Raising the prices of public transportation, which is nothing but a blow to the weakest sectors and an expression of contempt for social justice could lead to the burning of buses around the country," and adds that increased expenses for fuel, water, property taxes and gas are eating up a high percentage of the meager income of the lower median."  The paper reminds its readers that, "This government, which has raised the price of poor people's transportation by 4%, refuses to impose a 2% surtax on those earning over NIS 1 million," and concludes, "Dear – literally – ministers, you have been warned."

Ma'ariv notes that, "Hamas is playing the easiest and most successful trick: Preparing for war and talking peace.  Hamas is a terrorist body, racist and anti-Semitic, which breaks all international laws while preparing itself for war.  But the truth interests no one!  We are dealing in the international arena, and in that arena the battle for public awareness is no less important than the ground battle in Gaza.  In the last two rounds, in Lebanon and in Gaza, the international arena decisively influenced the battlefield.  And it will happen again. Hamas is already preparing the groundwork.  It is launching missiles of peace.  It is guaranteeing itself victory.  It is already creating the mindset in which it is breaking out in calls for peace, and saber-rattling Israel heads off on a campaign of destruction.  In light of Hamas' declarations, Israel has to do precisely what Hamas is doing: Talk peace while preparing for war.  The Prime Minister and Foreign Minister need to declare: Any and all moderation will be welcomed with opened arms.  Israel invites any and all leaders who accept the Quartet's conditions (not Israel's conditions!) to the peace table.  If you are serious, so are we."