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Weekly News Items from the Israeli Press, December 22, 2011


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JFNA in the Israeli Press

Israeli delegation meets Jews in Baltimore, New York

(Jpost) JFNA hosted mission meant to foster greater understanding of North American Jewish communities.


JFNA Partners in the Israeli Press

Guest Columnist: Does Israel care about the Diaspora?

(Jpost) Our future as a nation is linked to the immutable relationship that exists between Israel and Jews abroad.


For South American immigrant, trek to Israel wasn't easy

(Israel Hayom) Venezuelan-born Mauricio Glucksman insists Israel is the only country where he feels at home


Haifa Haredim at job fair: Leaving bubble is a must

(The Marker) Organizers included the Jewish Distribution Committee-Israel, the Manufacturers Association of Israel and the Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry.


Welfare and Social Issues

For rescuers, effects of Carmel Fire linger on

(Jpost) Health Scan: Hebrew University researchers have more than a clue how conscious information processing by the brain is different from unconscious processing.


Most cinemas not wheelchair accessible

(Ynet) Hundreds of thousands of disabled Israelis find it impossible to go to the movies as 65% of theaters lack wheelchair access, comfortable view of screen.


Social Protests

Israel is still far from achieving social justice

(Haaretz) The recommendations of the Trajtenberg Committee approved by the cabinet are truly historic, but we must not ignore other measures that were not approved.


What's missing in the battle against excluding women

(Haaretz) We have to fight against Haredi attempts at domination, but the battle has to be proportionate, and it must include every injustice, according to its gravity.


Transportation Ministry to probe bus segregation

(Ynet) Latest incident in which woman was asked to 'move to back of bus' sparks political debate. PM: Public sphere must remain open to all. Chief Rabbi: This is not the haredi public's country


Aliyah and Immigration

Ethiopian chief rabbi’s brother supports those left behind

(Jpost) Emanuel Hadane takes up cause of more than 20,000 Ethiopians of Jewish descent who are not eligible under Israeli government criteria to make aliya.


Olim light up Israel in time for Hanukkah

(Ynet) Seventy-six immigrants from North America spend first night of Festival of Lights as new Israeli citizens


Religious Pluralism in Israel

Immigrants prepare to celebrate Christmas in the first 'Hebrew city'

(Israel Hayom) Tens of thousands of Christian foreigners, most of them migrant workers from the Philippines and African asylum seekers, have poured into neighborhoods in Israel, like Neve Shaanan in Tel Aviv. They plan to celebrate Christmas this week.


Sufganiot with humous?

(Jpost) A unique Arab-Jewish initiative turned out better than expected.


Jewish World

‘Tzohar Bill’ approved by ministerial panel

(Jpost) Initiative would allow couples to register for marriage in any municipality, choose between stricter or more flexible rabbinates.


Retooling halakhic conversion for the sake of a healthy Jewish identity in Israel

(Haaretz) Re-imagining halakhic conversion matters is necessary both for the health of Jewish identity in Israel and for the attainment of untapped potential of Jewish possibilities in the Jewish state.


'Bright tag' candles at 'price tag' scenes

(Jpost) Forum of 30 organizations will light candles each night of Hanukka at scenes of "price tag" attacks to "answer terror with light."



Sa’ar dedicates 1st Jaffa state religious school in decades

(Jpost) Teachers and parents say the school now provides an alternative to the area’s mixed Jewish-Arab schools.


Teacher's anti-gay remarks highlights lingering problem in Israeli schools

(Haaretz) The ORT school network says the matter will be investigated and if an apology is in order it will be issued.


Israeli school simulates gender segregation

(Haaretz) Students at a Herzliya high school were surprised to find a large sign calling for a division between sexes; Principal: idea is educational and meant to strengthen students' consciousness.


Israeli Economy

Israel's venture capital funds are disappearing

(Globes) The number of local entrepreneurs is climbing exponentially but venture capital funds are running out of capital.


Science, Technology and Development

U.K. business giant in Israel to tout space tourism

(Haaretz) Richard Branson attends Bezeq Expo conference to promote Virgin Galactic, the first commercial space travel firm in the world, which plans to offer suborbital space trips to the general public.


Op-Eds and Opinion Pieces from the Israel Press

Yediot Ahronot discusses the "Islamic winter."  The author argues that, "All of the perceptions of Islam have one common denominator: Nullification of the existence of Israel.   In the view of Sunnis, Shiites, religious and secular, we are invaders living on their holy land – and there is but one verdict for us all."


Yisrael Hayom says, "Good morning America."  The author believes that, "The US Defense Department has, at least, two Leon Panettas.  The first chided Israel at the Saban Forum and said that a possible attack on Iran would be 'a very grave matter'.  The second, on the other hand, said yesterday that there would be a nuclear weapon very soon and that he does not negate any option, not even a military one.  If it wasn't for the fact that we are talking about our future, it is possible that we would even laugh.  And it is possible that this is all because someone bothered to remind Panetta that there are elections in 2012, and that there is something called the Jewish vote."