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The Anderman Family and the Coopersmith Trust

December, 2011

Anderman family visits Israel

Arthur and Carole Anderman in Israel visiting Israel Education Fund projects.

Every year, Arthur Anderman, the lead Trustee of the Gladys and Irving Coopersmith Charitable Trust, and his wife, Carole, return to Israel with their family to visit the Trust’s Israel Education Fund projects. Under Arthur’s leadership, the Coopersmith Trust focuses its philanthropy in Israel on programs that target vulnerable populations, projects that enhance the lives of the elderly, promote educational opportunity, and support hospitals.

As their family grows, the Andermans’ trips to Israel take on additional purpose: to involve their grandchildren in Israeli philanthropy and build a new generation of commitment.
“We tell our grandchildren the same thing we told our children: The word tzedakah does not mean charity, the word tzedakah means obligation. We have an obligation to help others, not to just give the dollars, but to find causes that are meaningful in our lives and projects that can truly make a difference.”

During their most recent trip to Israel, in addition to celebrating the bar mitzvah of their grandson Daniel, the Anderman family visited a number of the IEF projects supported by the Coopersmith Trust including the Jewish Agency's Ben Yakir Youth Village. Located near Hadera, 120 troubled young teens—boys primarily from unstable homes with violent tendencies, emotional problems and poor academic performance—live in a warm, normative environment where they can heal and flourish. The Trust's first project at Ben Yakir was renovating the synagogue. "We let the boys vote for whatever they wanted, and they wanted us to refurnish their synagogue." Last year, the Trust renovated the dental clinic. Each time Arthur and his family return they are inspired to do more. “This year, our family is going to get together and figure out what the needs of the boys are and decide what we can do for them.”

Anderman family visits Israel

The Anderman family also visited Kibbutz Beit Oren, a community ravaged by the Mount Carmel forest fire, and Amigour's Kiryat Ono Senior Center. In Beit Oren, the hometown of Arthur and Carole’s son-in-law, the Andermans were honored for their contribution to the rebuilding effort and celebrated the rededication of the tennis courts to the memory of their son-in-law’s late brother. In Kiryat Ono, the family spent a memorable day singing and dancing with the seniors in the activity room renovated by the Trust. "The people at Amigour are absolutely sensational," explains Anderman. "We were so impressed with the need that was there. We are very excited to be involved in building new floors for the residents."

Anderman family visits Israel

Recognizing the tremendous need for capital investment in Israel today, Arthur understands the transformative impact the Trust’s partnership with IEF has on our Jewish future. “Most of my family was wiped out in the Holocaust, and if not for Israel, we would not have a Jewish identity today. I think the Diaspora is critical, because without the United States, Israel faces major problems; Israel simply does not have enough money in its economy to fund all the things it needs.”

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Arthur Anderman, Lead Trustee of the Gladys and Irving Coopersmith Charitable Trust