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Weekly News Items from the Israeli Press, November 24, 2011


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JFNA Partners in the Israeli Press

Digital World: Smart classrooms make kids smarter

(Jpost) World ORT president aims to create in Israel ‘one of world’s most technologically advanced educational systems.’


Taglit brings over 10,500 students to Israel

(Ynet) Nearly 20,000 young adults participate in trips to Jewish state this past summer. Israel's Ambassador to US Michael Oren lauds impact Taglit-Birthright trips have on campus students


Welfare and Social Issues

‘Disabled are inadequately used resource for volunteering’

(Jpost) Physically, mentally, emotionally disabled able to volunteer but need help to suit themselves to such work.


The double life of Israel's working homeless

(Haaretz) Official figures can be misleading: Many of Israel's homeless fall under the government's radar, and many hold down full-time jobs.


Top IDF officer works to eliminate divisions, foster coexistence

(Haaretz) As Golani Brigade readies to intake new class, training base commander sets agenda.


Israel ranks fifth in life expectancy among OECD members

(Haaretz) Ironically, Israel has one of the lowest places among OECD members when it comes to physical resources, infrastructure and expenditure devoted to medical care.


Social Protests

Netanyahu: Israel's medical residents should leave patients out of struggle

(Haaretz) PM's comments come as resident representatives tell High Court they agree to return to talks with State, reiterating their demand that negotiations be held regarding the duration of an agreement signed 3 months ago.


Jewish World

The happiest Sigd

(Jpost) The new immigrants and those who were here celebrated together, for the first time, the Sigd holiday in Jerusalem.


Aliyah and Immigration

Ethiopian Israelis and the need for dialogue

(Jpost) Israeli indifference to Ethiopian immigrants has led to tough communication issues. The Sigd holiday is an opportunity to begin to right this injustice.



Israel's gay community to launch new faction in Labor Party

(Haaretz) Niv Sunis and Dan Slaifer established LGBT faction to advance community's rights, bring LGBT voters back into the fold, and field a candidate for Knesset.


Israeli children - Data for International Child Day 2011

(Ministry of Foreign Affairs) At the end of 2010 there were 2.52 million children (aged 0-17) in Israel, accounting for approximately a third of the state's population


Israeli Economy

Israeli wine: Are we back in business?

(Jpost) [Video] Israel has the right weather and soil to make excellent wine but still needs to find its own distinct style.


Arts and Culture

Israel Fashion Week hits the runway

(Haaretz) Event, featuring 18 shows by foreign and local designers, opens with cocktail reception at Italian ambassador's residence, honoring Italian designer Roberto Cavalli.



The day the Dead Sea died

(Ynet) Members of Friends of the Earth hold 'funeral' for lowest place on earth after government rejects bill aimed at protecting lake


Science, Technology and Development

Trivia app to keep drivers awake by shouting questions

(Jpost) For those with driving fatigue, Drivia makes sure users stay focused, both on the game and the road.


Eli Hurvitz 1932-2011

(Globes) "Globes" recalls the life of the man who built Teva and was "the Ben Gurion of Israel's industry."


Knesset Bills

New 'Jewish identity' bill will cause chaos in Israel

(Haaretz) The bill for a Basic Law on Israel - the Nation-State of the Jewish People is unnecessary and merely deepens tensions between Jews and Arabs; it should be shelved completely.


 Thousands protest against 'libel bill'

(Ynet) Some 2,000 gather in Tel Aviv to protest amendment to Defamation Law, which aims to increase maximum compensation paid for libel violations. Protesters shout 'Bibi, you've gone too far – Israel is not Iran'; Demonstrators clash with police officers, one arrested


Op-Eds and Opinion Pieces from the Israel Press

Yisrael Hayom suggests that Palestinian Authority President Abu Mazen, "has no interest in a partnership with Hamas," because, inter alia, "Bringing Hamas into the Palestinian government would strengthen those in the US and Israel who are inclined not to transfer to the PA the money that Israel has collected for it."  The author reminds his readers that, "Without these funds, Abu Mazen and Fayyad cannot maintain their government," but speculates that in the absence of a Fatah-Hamas unity government, the Government may find it difficult to withstand Quartet pressure to restore the funds.


Ma'ariv comments on the furor over the proposed amendments to the libel law and suggests that its opponents are overstating their case.  The author says that, "In the opinion of many, including me, the law, as it passed its first Knesset reading, is too sweeping, is disproportional and fails to distinguish between media outlets and private individuals.  To tell the truth, it is unnecessary because it is the courts that determine the amount of the fine in practice.  There should be a lively debate over it, in an effort to narrow and soften it, but a substantive debate, not hysterical cries about the death of democracy."