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Weekly News Items from the Israeli Press, November 17, 2011


JFNA in the Israeli Press

Jewish Federations boost global giving

(Ynet) JFNA Board of Trustees approves new initiative strengthening way Jewish community prioritizes, takes collective action to confront major challenges of Jews throughout world


Federation Projects in the Israeli Press

Hollywood groups visit Israel and PA to learn about conflict

(Haaretz) Actors, directors and studio execs find out the script is complex; group meet President Shimon Peres.


JFNA Partners in the Israeli Press

Jewish Agency looks to bolster ties in Argentina

(Jpost) Zionist organization holds first parlay outside Israel in decades; aims to strengthen Jewish identity, fight anti-Semitism.


'Jewish Agency needs to invest more on aliya'

(Jpost) ‘It’s shameful that a $300m. organization cannot afford to bring 900 olim from Russia,’ charges Aliya and Rescue Committee chairman.


Welfare and Social Issues

16 years on: Annual Tel Aviv rally remembers Rabin

(Jpost) Rampant ‘price tag’ operations show we haven’t learned the lessons from the assassination, says activist.


Arabs and Haredim working more, Jews working less, says NII

(Haaretz) Israeli Arabs and the Haredim have been relatively work-averse population groups, which has been cited as a macroeconomic problem.


Doctors' Protests

Almost 250 medical residents fail to show up for work

(Jpost) Move comes as talks court ordered talks with the Treasury fail to bring progress; residents keep move quiet to avoid injunction as High Court agrees to hear petition against injunction stopping residents from resigning.


Doctors shut down Haifa's Rambam Medical Center

(Jpost) Move comes as Health Ministry threatens to immediately dismiss specialists who tendered resignation letters in solidarity with residents; doctors at Tel Aviv's Sorosky threaten to follow suit.


Religious Pluralism in Israel

IDF commanders: Religious radicalism no concern

(Jpost) Analysis: Brigade commander says religion not a determining factor in appointments; soldiers judged according to way they fight, leadership.


Golda Meir, Hannah Senesh aid Jerusalem residents in fight against censorship

(Israel Hayom) Jerusalem's public spaces have become the latest battlefield for the struggle between religious and secular residents. Supreme Court ruled this year that women traveling on public buses cannot be ordered to sit in the back.


Rabbinate vs. Tzohar, round 2

(Ynet) After modern Orthodox organization and social services minister resolve crisis, Rabbinate decides to enforce regulation preventing many of Tzohar's rabbis from conducting wedding ceremonies


Jewish World

The problem with worrying about 'Jewish Continuity'

(Haaretz) It is our job, as leaders, to stop obsessing over affiliation rates and intermarriage statistics, and start focusing on what we know best: the nooks and crevices of Jewish wisdom.


Israel Philanthropy

Kenya to copy Israeli urgent care model

(Israel21C) The African country will implement the Terem clinics' remote consultation technologies to treat patients who don't require a hospital visit.


Israeli Economy

"Israeli annual water technology trade tops $2b"

(Globes) Over 100 exhibitors from around the world are participating in the third Water Conference on Water Technologies in Tel Aviv.


Creating sunnier days for Israel’s desert dwellers

(Israel21C) Arava Power is working with Southern Israel's Bedouin community to capture a share of the burgeoning solar power market.



Dead Sea fails to make list of New 7 Wonders of Nature

(Haaretz) Attempts to push the Dead Sea into the global public eye this year included a mass photo op by U.S. photographer Spencer Tunick, who shot 1,200 nude Israeli men and women at the famous natural landmark.


Science, Technology and Development

Google to set up startup incubator in Israel

(Ynet) Search engine giant to endorse 20 initiatives at a time by providing office space and information, Internet, consultation, financial and legal services


8 Israeli companies win cleantech awards

(Ynet) Cleantech Group presents its annual list of top 100 companies in clean technology


Knesset Bills

Lawmakers, social action NGOs to focus on job bills

(Jpost) Various socioeconomic bills are meant to complement those based on Trajtenberg Committee on social change’s recommendations.


'Gender segregation practices are ‘apartheid‘'

(Jpost) Knesset c'tee to initiate legislation designed to deny public funds to agencies which participate in exclusion of women.


Dichter replaces 'Jewish identity' bill with equally contentious draft law

(Haaretz) Scrapped bill called for Jewish religious law to serve as inspiration for new legislation and the dropping of Arabic as an official language, granting it 'special status.'


Op-Eds and Opinion Pieces from the Israel Press

Ma'ariv discusses the proposed bill that would give the Knesset Law, Constitution and Justice Committee veto power over Supreme Court nominees.  The author believes that while the judicial selection process needs to be changed, the aforesaid proposal would, "destroy the legal and judicial systems."


Yediot Ahronot notes that, "In 1988, against the background of a deep crisis in the health system, a state commission of inquiry was established headed by Supreme Court Justice Shoshana Netanyahu.  The commission worked for more than two years.  The report it issued proposed a series of revolutionary reforms for the health system.  The Netanyahu Commission report is considered one of the most efficient and wisest ever produced by a state commission of inquiry in Israel.  Thanks to it we have our national health insurance law.  Health Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would do well to take his aunt's example.  Twenty-one years has passed since the Netanyahu report was submitted.  The time has come to appoint a new state commission of inquiry."