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National Women’s Philanthropy Board
The National Women’s Philanthropy Board has members from more than 60 communities. They represent federations of all sizes from across North America. Our members are current or past federation presidents, general and/or women’s philanthropy chairs, endowment chairs or serve in other influential positions within the federation system.

The NWP Board serves a critical role on both a national and local level. Nationally, the Board sets the tone by engaging women at the highest levels of decision making within the system, of which women’s campaigns represent 25 percent (or more in some communities) of dollars raised. The NWP Board is at the forefront of campaign solicitation and training of local leaders, developing and disseminating excellent resources to our communities, and providing inspirational leadership to advocate for our programs and services around the world. 

NWP leadership travels to many communities to assist in campaign-related training, motivation and events. On a local level, the Board serves as liaison between communities and National Women’s Philanthropy in order to ensure that the community is aware of programs and initiatives of The Jewish Federations of North America and the NWP Board and, alternatively, that the NWP Board is informed of the communities’ activities and their needs.  NWP Board members serve as role models to other women (and men) in the community inspiring them to get involved and become leaders in their own right.  NWP Board members are part of a national body that exists to serve our local communities.

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