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Weekly News Items from the Israeli Press, November 3, 2011


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JFNA in the Israeli Press

The Jewish Federations' 2011 GA is ready to kick off in Denver!

(Haaretz) Here is the full schedule of the Jewish Federations of North America's General Assembly, the premier North American Jewish conference.


Who's who: A look at the General Assembly's speakers

(Haaretz) The General Assembly will be packed with VIP speakers, including world leaders and top people from the worlds of philanthropy, business, religion, culture and more.


First ‘Jewish Federation of Israel’ to make debut at GA

(JPost) Takdim, the first “Jewish Federation of Israel” draws its inspiration from the Jewish Federations of North America, and will make its debut at the federations’ General Assembly in Denver  


Welfare and Social Issues

Students in south stay home as fragile calm holds

(Israel Hayom) Local councils do not heed IDF recommendation to reopen schools: "We don't want to take any chances"


After rocket attacks, students in the south head back to class

(Israel Hayom) Schools in southern Israel reopened on Wednesday, after three days of rocket attacks. Many schools still do not have fortified rooms. More than 45 mortars and rockets were launched from Gaza against southern towns and villages this week.


Social Protests

Tens of thousands amass for Tel Aviv social protest

(Haaretz) Some 20,000 people gathered Saturday night for a social protest at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, almost two months after the largest protest in Israel's history took place. In Jerusalem, about 3,000 people gathered and 200 gathered in Rishon Letzion.


Israeli Arab women dream of the minimum wage

(Haaretz) A protest in Tel Aviv last Friday was called to highlight one of the greatest disgraces in Israel - the widespread use of poorly paid contract labor.


Social protest leader tells Haaretz: Israelis won't accept the status quo

(Haaretz) This summer's social-justice movement is organizing another rally for Saturday night, after weeks of hibernation, to show that social issues are still on the agenda. But will people come?



New medical school opens in northern Israel

(Israel Hayon) Bar-Ilan Faculty of Medicine hopes new campus will attract Israeli students pursuing their studies abroad. Prime minister and president say students and Galilee residents as a whole to benefit.



Israel to mark 20th anniversary of airlift of Ethiopian Jews

(Haaretz) The ceremony will highlight the achievements of the Ethiopian community over the past 20 years.


Israeli Economy

Shekel stable despite global volatility

(Globes) The shekel is weakening against the euro but strengthening slightly against the dollar in morning inter-bank trading today.



Green 2000 teaches Nigeria, Sudan agricultural techniques

(JPost) An Israeli company is teaching African countries agricultural techniques and building greenhouses to increase food production.


Israeli firm brings light to poor countries

(Ynet) GLW provides Africans with standalone light fixture that relies solely on solar energy



Netanyahu: Vote for the Dead Sea!

(Ynet) VIDEO - In address to high school students, Netanyahu urges vote for Dead Sea in finals of New7Wonders of Nature competition, which will be concluded November 11th


Arts and Culture

Giving art in Jerusalem a lift up

(Jpost) The annual Manofim arts bash in Jerusalem; a grassroots venture from the very core of artistic endeavour.


Science, Technology and Development

No small wonder

(JPost) ‘Israel Inside,’ a new film by, shows how a small nation became a technological and business giant.


Op-Eds and Opinion Pieces from the Israel Press

Yisrael Hayom comments on yesterday's decision by UNESCO to admit 'Palestine' as a member and notes that the US has moved to cut off its funding of the organization.  The author cautions that, "The US of after last November's mid-term elections is not an America that the Palestinians can play around with," and says that, "Yesterday, Republicans and Democrats alike, as well as the American media, were outraged at the Palestinians."


Yediot Ahronot contends that, "If we accept the claims attributed to Netanyahu and Barak, we are apparently marching toward a military confrontation with Iran.  Netanyahu compares Ahmadinejad to Hitler.  He describes the confrontation with Iran as his life's mission.  According to Barak, Israel cannot countenance the existence of a hostile nuclear power within missile range of Israel."