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Weekly News Items from the Israeli Press, October 6, 2011


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JFNA Partners in the Israeli Press

'Gov't must respond to growing needs of Shoah survivors'

(Jpost) A third of some 208,000 victims living in Israel suffer from loneliness during the holidays, Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims says.


Welfare and Social Issues

MasterChef winner, mayor cook to save detox center

(Jpost) Avi Levy and Nir Barkat cook “meatball surprises” to draw attention to a Jerusalem rehab for teens in danger of closing.


It’s the economy, stupid

(Ynet) Op-ed: So why are Israelis happy? Because our economic situation is excellent


63% of Jews in favor of Shabbat buses

(Ynet) State and Religion Index, conducted by Smith Institute ahead of Rosh Hashana, reveals 62% of public support civil marriage, 52% back same-sex marriage, 87% want everyone to serve in IDF, 79% call for yeshiva budget cuts. Rabbi Uri Regev: Israelis demand equal share of burden


Social Protests

As tent city is cleared, Israel's midsummer night's dream is over

(Haaretz) Smashing the protest symbol was a dramatic move, with touching as well as comic moments.


Brands survey: Tnuva losing crown as dairy queen of Israel

(Marker) Closer look shows the public is hopping mad, but still buying.


Health crisis: Hundreds of residents to resign

(Ynet) Health Ministry, hospitals prepare for worst as hundreds of residents resign this week. 'I'm finishing my last shift and I'll leave the profession I love,' says one resident


Religious Pluralism in Israel

Progressive groups petition to institute civil marriage

(Jpost) Over 300,000 Israelis who are defined as being ‘without religious classification’ cannot legally marry in the state.


Israel court grants author's request to register 'without religion'

(Haaretz) Sapir Prize winner Yoram Kaniuk sets legal precedent implying that all Israelis can self-determine their own religious identity.


Israel Advocacy/Relations

 Arab, Jewish teens discover similarities

(Ynet) Tenth grade students of Nazareth’s St. Joseph’s Seminary, Jerusalem’s Hebrew University Secondary School launch joint English magazine



High Court balks at forcing core studies in yeshivas

(Israel Hayom) High Court of Justice debates a petition to force government-funded ultra-Orthodox schools to teach math, science and other subjects


Israel-US Relations

4 joint US-Israel cleantech ventures

(Ynet) BIRD Foundation to invest $3 million in four Israeli companies, including Pentalum and Greenlet Technologies, which will collaborate with American corporations in development of new products


Israeli Economy

Bottom shekel / An accounting of the soul, under threat

(Marker) Israel's economic leaders need to correctly identify the worst of the global threats, and to devise ways of deflecting them.


Arts and Culture

Israel Museum seeks to net $17m from art sale

(Globes) Works by Pissarro, Soutine, Picasso, and Chagall will be among those offered at international auctions.



350,000 Israelis mark Jewish New Year in nature reserves

(Haaretz) Jewish National Park reports that over 100,000 people hiked through different forests across Israel during holiday weekend.


Science, Technology and Development

'Investment in science paying off'

(Ynet) Newest member to Israeli Nobel laureates 'club' Daniel Shechtman lauded by past winners who also warn against dwindling investment in sciences


Researchers at TAU, Europe place robotic brain chip in rat

(Jpost) Scientists hope "robotic cerebellum" computer chip may one day help human paralysis victims, something that could be 10-15 years away.


Op-Eds and Opinion Pieces from the Israel Press

Ma'ariv discusses relations with Turkey.  The author says that, "At the end of almost every such argument comes the punch line: The side that supports an Israeli apology and appeasement with the Islamic power asks the other side: 'Which Islam is preferable – Tehran's or Erdogan's?" The notes that, "According to a fresh report by the Institute for International Journalism, based on a detailed report by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, Turkey leads the world in the number of imprisoned journalists. Undisputed first place goes to the regime of Erdogan which incarcerates, at this moment, no less than 57 journalists.  (Almost double the 34 journalists being held by dark autocratic, Islamic Iran)."


Ma'ariv contends that, "Trajtenberg condensed all of the economy's ills, from the establishment of the state until today, and in 50 days submitted a 'comprehensive report'." The author comments, "Thorough committee?  Yeah, right."