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Weekly News Items from the Israeli Press, September 15, 2011


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JFNA Partners in the Israeli Press

Stellar Startups: ‘Smart classrooms’ - a smart investment?

(Jpost) If these classrooms do nothing else, they allow students to see themselves as part of “the stream” and not just residents of a “backwater.”


Welfare and Social Issues

NGOs angry over gov’t failure to provide bailout

(Jpost) Groups say NIS 100m. was promised to provide financial boost to organizations, but substantially less is being offered now.


Pining for Herzog

(Israel Hayom) Yachimovich and Peretz forced into a Labor primaries runoff. Both must vie for Issac (Buji) Herzog's vote


Trajtenberg: The opportunity to change society is now

(Jpost) Head of committee to find solutions to social justice movement and Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz address business leaders at human resource meeting.


Social Protests

Round table discussions held in cities across Israel

(Jpost) Social justice movement moves from rallies to "giant dialogue of the masses"; Tel Aviv Mayor Huldai hounded by protesters: "Dictator!"


Israel's social protest leaders demand government help homeless families in tents

(Haaretz) Housing Minister Ariel Atias urged to find housing solutions for dozens of families who have no home other than the protest tents.


Student boycott hits Tnuva sales

(Globes) Retailers have told "Globes" that sales of Tnuva products fell 7-8% yesterday.



New Hadassah head: Next generation is ‘our top priority’

(Jpost) Marcie Natan: Women’s group hit hard by Madoff, but has balanced its books.


Israel-US Relations

MKs, officials to honor 10th anniversary of 9/11

(Jpost) Ceremony, which will include victims' families, will be held Sunday afternoon at Israeli memorial located in the Jerusalem Forest.


Religious Pluralism in Israel

Religious leaders of all faiths promotes global tolerance

(Jpost) Jewish, Muslim clerics, Christian clergy and those of the Bahai and Hindu faiths, conference focuses on promoting peace and tolerance.


Keep our army Jewish

(Ynet) Op-ed: IDF must cater to religious soldiers if it hopes to integrate all Jewish groups into army



Ethiopian group files petition over school-less children

(Jpost) Legal rights organization Tebeka files High Court of Justice petition against Education Ministry, Petah Tikva municipality.


OECD: Israel invests less per schoolchild than any other developed country

(Haaretz) Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation gives Israel a poor grade on investment in education; new high school teachers in Israel earn about half as much as teachers in other OECD countries.



Right, Left infuriated by plans to resettle Negev Bedouin

(Jpost) Cabinet approves series of plans to support socioeconomic development, resolve land disputes, and integrate Bedouin into Israeli society.


Israel Advocacy/Relations

‘The destination is the journey’

(Jpost) Roei Sadan closes four-year, 66,000-kilometer bike ride around the world at the Western Wall.


Op-Eds and Opinion Pieces from the Israeli Press

Yediot Ahronot says that, "The greatest actor in the Middle East will land in Cairo today," and adds that, "The Turkish sultan is going down to Egypt."  The author avers that, "The greater the contempt that Erdogan shows toward Israel, the more his stock rises in the region," and believes that, "He will be welcomed in Cairo as a national hero."  However, the paper doubts that the visit will translate into any kind of alliance because, "As long as the military council rules Egypt, the country will not dare harm American interests."  The author also contends that Egypt's generals also lobbied against the Turkish Prime Minister's now-cancelled visit to Gaza on the grounds that such a visit, "would anger the Palestinian Authority, would anger Israel, would strengthen the Muslim Brotherhood, would alarm the American Congress and would upset the State Department."  The paper contends that Israeli concerns about Turkey trying to establish a regional hegemony are unfounded because, "The Arabs will never allow foreigners – be they Turkish or Iranian – to establish a hegemony over them," no matter how much Erdogan, "tries to make a name for himself in the Middle East."


Ma'ariv refers to yesterday's Cabinet decision regarding Bedouin communities in the Negev.  The author says that, "For 50 years, Israeli governments have neglected the severe problems of the Negev Bedouin," and adds that, "When the unrecognized [Bedouin] villages began to organize into a regional council, there were attempts at dialogue with the authorities, but new obstacles sprang up every time and governments were unable to find solutions that they and the Bedouin could agree on."  The paper states that while, "Various elements came in to help the Bedouin who live in unrecognized communities, which the state claims are illegal," no systemic solution had been forthcoming.  The author asserts that, "The Netanyahu government has decided on a plan that is insufficient to placate either all of the Bedouin or all those who are crying out against the illegal takeover of state lands but which will still bring a solution for the dispersed Bedouin communities – even if some Bedouin do not like it."