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Weekly News Items from the Israeli Press, September 8, 2011


Federation Projects in the Israeli Press

Israeli aid group off to Africa

(Jpost) Humanitarian group sends delegation to aid thousands in Kenya and Somalia after drought


JFNA Partners in the Israeli Press

Israeli trauma program to help Japan tsunami victims

(Jpost) Program created to help children following the Second Lebanon War in 2006 will soon help Japanese children deal with trauma.


Welfare and Social Issues

 Local hero given full scholarship to BGU

(Jpost) 17-year-old Arina Shestopolov Censor gave first aid in the field and saved the lives of two men.


Environment / The people want spatial justice

(Haaretz) A new document proposes an alternative planning policy in the spirit of the social revolution.


Housing Protests

400,000 rally for social justice across the country

(Jpost) ‘March of a Million’ called "climax" of mass-protest phase; events held in TA, Jerusalem, Haifa, Afula, Karmiel, Eilat; protest organizer Itzik Shmuli: "We’re the new Israelis."


After seven weeks, tent cities begin to close up shop

(Jpost) Protesters in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem take down tents; homeless activists say ‘we have nowhere else to go.’


Israel Police begin dismantling protest tents in Tel Aviv, Holon

(Haaretz) Holon social protesters vow to rebuild wooden structures, after many inhabitants left homeless; Tel Aviv mayor says tent encampments can't exist indefinitely.

Doctors' Protests

Doctors, residents launch hunger strike

(Jpost) New strike begins as court rules that mass resignations are illegal; "We will not eat until negotiations are reopened" strike leader says.


700 medical residents resign; court rules move illegal

(Ynet) Mass resignation rattles health system as Labor Court rules move is illegal, mulls injunction


Focus on the Doctors' Protests

JFNA looks at the doctors' protests and the motivations behind them.


Israel Philanthropy

Israelis help Kenya save lives

(Ynet) African country's Health Ministry to set up network of clinics according to model adopted from Jerusalem's Terem emergency medical centers



Martha Stewart tweets her way around Israel

(Jpost) On Tourism Ministry-funded trip, media personality is expected to support Dead Sea candidacy to win Wonders of Nature competition.


‘7 Wonders of Israel’ vote campaign starts

(Jpost) The Tourism Ministry and Channel 2 News are launching competition in which national and international public can vote for seven favorite sites.



Ethiopian community gets 'ghetto' school shuttered

(Haaretz) All but one of the children at the school is of Ethiopian background and the parents objected to what they called the 'discrimination' against their children.


Principal player

(Haaretz) Karen Tal hopes to apply the methods and values she inculcated successfully in a multicultural south Tel Aviv school to other educational institutions. With help from some leading business people and philanthropic bodies, she just might pull it off.


Israel Advocacy/Relations

EcoNegev takes 7 visiting journalists on desert tour

(Jpost) Project organizer: We want their millions of readers to know about this Israel, and we’d also like to encourage tourism to the Negev.



The shekel stops here / A revelation untold

(The Marker) Why is the treasury sitting on its concentration report?


Science, Technology and Development

Genetic link to nearsightedness discovered in Bedouin tribe

(Jpost) LEPREL1 was identified by Ben-Gurion University professor as the cause of common human eye disorders.


Op-Eds and Opinion Pieces from the Israel Press

Yediot Ahronot remarks that, "No one in the Israeli Government can say that he was surprised.   Turkey warned over and over again what would happen if an Israeli apology was not forthcoming.  Israel had every right not to apologize – but now it must cope with the results.  The punch is hard and painful, but we took it wholeheartedly."


Yisrael Hayom asks, "How did Turkey and Israel go from first rate strategic partners to bitter rivals?  One of the answers in concealed in Turkey's recently adopted foreign policy, under the regime of the Justice and Development Party.  The architect of this foreign policy, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has chartered a policy characterized by aggressively demanding that the US, Europe and the Middle East states, including Israel, recognize Turkey's ability to play a central role in international diplomacy and the world economy.  This policy also embodies an ideological element of strengthening Islamic civilization, including Turkey within it."