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 Weekly News Items from the Israeli Press, September 1, 2011

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JFNA Partners in the Israeli Press

Las Vegas girl gambles on Israel

(Jpost) Tania Didio, 18, explains why she left sparkling Las Vegas to enlist in IDF and live in country she loves – under fire


Welfare and Social Issues

Hundreds gather at Schalit tent ahead of 25th birthday

(Jpost) Schalit family releases video album of pictures from kidnapped IDF soldier's childhood ahead of birthday.


Women, minorities will be represented on gov’t panels

(Jpost) High Court of Justice rules on petition by coalition of 11 women’s groups demanding Arab woman be appointed to Trajtenberg Committee


Israel works to stop monthly payments to jailed terrorists

(Israel Hayom) 73 prisoners serving life sentences for terrorism receive salaries from Palestinian Authority as public sector employees, pocketing up to NIS 10,000 ($2,700) per month, while their families get tax breaks and free education. Israel: The wages serve as incentive to carry out terror attacks.


Social Protests

Mass social protests resume across the country

(Jpost) Tens of thousands gather across Israel for social justice marches; Noam Schalit: We are fighting for Gilad's right to live.


Israel hospitals implementing emergency plan as mass resignation looms

(Haaretz) Non-essential treatments postponed, doctors ordered to cancel vacations in response to residents' planned walkout.


The next generation /Passing on the megaphone

(Haaretz) If the struggle for social justice is abandoned, it will be the fault of us young people.


Israel's social protesters choose life over death

(Haaretz) This protest is not just about housing. Nor is it just about education, health or solidarity, nor about peace or narrowing gaps.


Religious Pluralism in Israel

Rights activist: Israeli government should finance couples forced to wed abroad

(Haaretz) Cyprus is out as a wedding destination and alternative ceremonies are in.


Pluralistic school in Misgav town vetoed at 11th hour

(Haaretz) The program, an initiative by a group of parents from the Misgav town of Eshhar, was slated to be run at a school in neighboring Moreshet.


Aliyah and Immigration

Bank Hapoalim helps olim feel at home

(Ynet) Innovative private social network provides intimate meeting place for Nefesh B'Nefesh immigrants and bank employees, where they can share stories and information, helping ease absorption process for new Israeli citizens


Fresh off the plane, new kids head straight for school

(Israel Hayom) Two thousand new immigrant children to join the school system.  Some families have been in Israel for less than a month.  "I am excited, but nervous," says one seventh grader


Jewish World

The crisis of embarrassment

(Jpost) Faced with polling that suggested students view Jewish life on campus as uncool, many Jewish groups began trying to shake that reputation.


Stellar Startups: The Internet Tribes of Israel

(Jpost) The Internet has given us an opportunity to give a fair hearing to the various Jewish tribes out there, before we decide which one to join.


Israel Advocacy/Relations

Is BDS campaign working?

(Ynet) Anti-Israel boycotters increasingly successful in strangling economy of Jewish state: More than 20 organizations in Europe in 13 countries endorse boycott of Agrexco, Israel’s leading flower exporter



Doing More with Less: Social-Environmental Entrepreneurship Competition in Israel Begins

(Israel Ministry of the Environment) Ashoka Israel, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Green Environmental Fund have launched the "Doing More from Less - Social Environmental Entrepreneurship in Israel" competition.


Experts hoping Carmel fire will afford a new start

(Haaretz) Scientists estimate it will take 20 to 30 years for forest to look 'as it did before the fire'; four-day fire broke out in early December 2010, near the port city of Haifa.


Israeli Economy

2010 sees rise in civilian R&D spending

(Ynet) National spending on civilian research and development totals NIS 35.8 billion, making up 4.4% of GDP last year


Arts and Culture

Coming to a theater near you... Jerusalem in 3D

(Jpost) IMAX extravaganza with bird's eye views of the capital city to be screened for next 5-10 years on 35 screens around world.


Summer Fun

'Save the Kinneret, drink beer'

(Jpost) The 7th Annual Jerusalem Beer Festival is set to serve over 50,000 liters of beer of over 150 different brands from mainstream, local, boutique and international breweries.

Op-Eds and Opinion Pieces from the Israel Press


Yisrael Hayom justifies the elimination of Islamic Jihad terrorist Ismail Asmar which preceded the resumption of rocket fire and says that he was in the advanced stages of planning a major terrorist attack.  The author asserts that, "Less than a week before the start of the school year and less than a month before the Palestinian request to recognize a state, Israel's room for action has shrunk.  During September it will shrink further.  It is reasonable to assume that it would be better to strike at a senior terrorist like Asmar now than next month."


Yediot Ahronot says that there is no reason to withhold from the public the warnings about a possible intended terrorist attack in the south and ventures that, "Going public is likely to prod the Egyptians into more urgent action."