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Overseas Supplemental Giving/IEF
There’s no stronger way to honor the legacy
of Yitzchak Shavit z”l than to continue to strengthen and build the land of Israel.

There are over 250 urgently needed capital projects and
scholarships waiting for funding through Israel Education Fund.

Ben Yakir Youth Aliyah Village

ben yakir youth aliyah village

Located north of Netanya, Ben Yakir Youth Village is a therapeutic boarding school for 120 adolescent boys—primarily immigrants from Ethiopia—with acute social problems, often accompanied by learning disabilities. A religiously observant village, the professional residential care and treatment offered at Ben Yakir provides the intensive intervention that these high risk youth need to thrive and become productive members of Israeli society.

A testament to Ben Yakir’s effectiveness is the high percentage of students who are able to graduate from high school in the Village, and who then enroll in Israel Defense Forces (IDF) – two outcomes that for many of these youth are almost unimaginable at the time they are first referred to Ben Yakir.

Ben Yakir currently has two urgently-needed capital projects that require funding: renovating the cultural hall and building a new dormitory. Your support can help transform risk into opportunity for these at-risk youth.

Repurposing Absorption Center Apartments

amigour apartments

For over 38 years Amigour has provided housing for thousands of economically disadvantaged new immigrants and senior citizens, promoting their reintegration into Israeli society. But today, the number of elderly immigrants and Holocaust survivors in need of adequate housing is expanding exponentially: Amigour estimates that 20,000 are in need. In response, the Jewish Agency has engaged Amigour to transform under-utilized immigrant absorption centers into affordable housing primarily for elderly immigrants and Holocaust survivors, and some for single-parent families from low socioeconomic backgrounds.

A total of 633 apartments in the communities of Lod, Kfar Saba, Be’er Sheva and Ashkelon will be renovated and repurposed to house older adults.

Your support can provide safe living spaces to promote independent living, ease of access and the well-being for economically vulnerable elderly.

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For more information on how you can be a partner in securing Israel's future,
contact: Overseas Supplemental Giving/IEF at 212 284-6621

The donor-centered mission of JFNA Overseas Supplemental Giving/Israel Education Fund is to provide personalized, named opportunities that directly align with specific philanthropic objectives of donors in the Jewish Federations family.