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Message from Shep Remis, Israel & Overseas Chair

As you will see in this edition of the Israel and Overseas newsletter, the past few months have been a very exciting time in the Israel and Overseas arena. We have reaffirmed our long-standing partnership with JDC and JAFI, while at the same time, preparing the groundwork for our future.

JFNA and our partners continue to promptly respond to the needs of people suffering trauma, particularly in light of the aftermath of the Carmel fires, and more recently, terror attacks in Israel, as well as the tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
Of course, Israel and Overseas work also continues to focus on long term goals, in particular promoting growth and development in Israel’s peripheral regions, and helping disadvantaged populations in the country become more integrated into Israeli society. We are also continuing to advance social service and educational programs for Jewish people in need around the world, including in the FSU, South America, and Africa.

We are also proud to be spearheading new initiatives that promote greater understanding and cooperation between Israeli opinion leaders and the American Jewish community. On a daily basis, we see proof of how critical it has become to raise awareness about the impact decisions made in Israel have on Jews in the Diaspora.

I’m sure you will enjoy reading the following news items from Israel and Overseas, and join me in being inspired by the results of the wonderful work that Federations and our partners achieve for Jews around the world, 365 days a year.

Wishing you all an enjoyable and meaningful Passover,

Shep Remis