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The Global Planning Table

April 2011

The collective has long been a defining feature of the Federation Movement.  The Jewish Federations of North America seeks to reinvigorate the collective through the establishment of a Global Planning Table (GPT).  The GPT will shape our collective agenda and work to deepen commitment to it for years to come.

A proposed design for the GPT (including its mission, activities, and structure) will be presented to the JFNA Board of Trustees for action at its meeting of May 12.

The design has been developed through the following activities implemented during the past six months by our consultant Karen Barth:

  1. Interviews with 84 key informants
  2. Four day-long meetings with a group of lay and professional leaders (three completed; one after the receipt of feedback from forums listed below)
  3. Presentations of ideas for feedback from…
  • Federation leaders attending five regional meetings (three completed as of 3/4/11)
  • Federation leaders participating in an upcoming Webinar
  • Young Leadership Council
  • National Women’s Philanthropy Executive Committee (upcoming)
  • Federation Executive Directors of Large, Large Intermediate and Intermediate Federations (as of 3/4/11)
  • Federation Planners
  • JFNA Israel and Overseas Committee and JFNA Executive Committee (upcoming)