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First TribeFest an Outstanding Success

In a bold move to engage and involve young Jews in their communities,  JFNA organized a mega social and cultural gathering in Las Vegas this past March, where almost 1,300 Jews aged 22 -45 participated in lectures, forums, and performances revolving around religion, Jewish culture, and social Issues.  

The first-time event, with its mix of music, learning, social networking and fun, offered a unusual range of choices, from concerts by bands like Soulico to hands-on sessions like “Punk Jews: Unconventional and Awesome Expressions of Judaism" and "Gonzo Judaism: Brash, Bold and In Your Face."

Topics up for discussion included Do you Have to Love Israel to be a Good Jew?; Saving the ‘Start up Nation’ - Failures in the Israeli education system and implications for the future of technology, economy and the security of Israel; The Many Faces of Tikkun Olam; Global Jewish Geography and Why Israeli Arabs are a Jewish Issue and What the Next Generation Can Do to Ensure a Secure, Jewish and Democratic State of Israel.

“The sessions were engaging and very well attended,” said JFNA’s Naomi Orensten, who worked to develop I&O related content at TribeFest, “Participants were eager to learn, and many were asking how they could bring these issues back to their communities and federations.”

Rather than targeting young people who already donated to the JFNA annual campaign, organizers focused on reaching out to unaffiliated Jews.
Results from post-conference survey showed that they succeeded – 30 percent of participants had never donated to their federation, and forty two percent said they had never participated in their local Jewish federation.

“We’re excited to show young Jews across North America a new side of Federation – one that is collaborative and meaningful on so many levels,” said Steven Scheck of Miami, JFNA's 2010-2011 National Young Leadership co-chair.

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