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Overseas Supplemental Giving/IEF

Want to build and strengthen Israel for today—and forever?
There are over 250 urgently needed capital projects and
scholarships waiting for funding through Israel Education Fund.

Youth Aliyah Villages
The Jewish Agency’s Youth Aliyah operates four residential villages, three of which focus on children from disadvantaged backgrounds, many of whom have suffered from abuse or neglect. There are urgently needed capital projects requiring funding partners at each village: Ramat Hadassah Szold Youth Village located near Haifa; Kiryat Yearim Youth Village near Jerusalem; Ben Yakir Youth Village near Hadera; and, Nitzana located in the Negev desert, on the Egyptian border.

Yesodot / Foundations for Ethiopian-Israeli youth
This Jewish Agency program gives Ethiopian children and teens living in absorption centers crucial support for their new life in Israel. The multi-level program builds their self-esteem, prepares them for a lifetime of learning and addresses their social, emotional and scholastic needs. Yesodot serves over 3,000 children annually, from pre-school through twelfth grade, in over 20 absorption centers throughout Israel. The program is comprised of a range of vital educational projects.

Youth Futures
This unique community-wide program that partners you with Israeli philanthropists is closing the socioeconomic gaps for disadvantaged youth in the Negev and Galilee. At the heart of Youth Future’s success is a team of young adult trustees who serve as role models for each child. Developing personalized approaches to bridge critical gaps—educational, social and extracurricular—the program is dramatically increasing the number of youth who reach their potential.

ATIDIM is a national program that prepares the top 30% of disadvantaged youth to study in Israel’s best universities and have the opportunity to become part of the prestigious IDF Academic Reserve—a proven fast-track to success in Israeli society. In the context of increasing threats facing Israel, ATIDIM is one of the most important social initiatives underway in Israel today, closing the socio-economic gaps crippling Israel’s periphery by creating equal educational opportunity.

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