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Israel Rogosin's Family Learn Firsthand
About His Remarkable Legacy in Ashdod

May 3, 2010

Israel Rogosin

During the late 1960’s, Israel Rogosin donated $2.5 million to IEF for the construction of ten high schools throughout Israel and put in motion a lasting legacy that has transcended generations.

Two of the schools were built in the city of Ashdod, becoming a mainstay of secondary education in the city. In recognition of Rogosin’s philanthropic work, the leaders of Ashdod decided to name the city’s main thoroughfare after him. Today, there is not a single resident of Ashdod who does not know the name Rogosin, but very few know the reason why the street was given this name.

Even members of the Rogosin family knew very little about Israel’s involvement in the development of the Jewish State, and particularly the city of Ashdod. So recently, Michael Rogosin, grandson of the legendary philanthropist Israel Rogosin, visited Israel with his son, Elliot, to learn about his grandfather’s work and establish a memorial for the family patriarch.

Israel Rogosin

Michael and Elliot therefore decided to visit Israel, to collect as much information
as they could and to set up a memorial for their grandfather and great-grandfather.

They visited the office of Mayor Yechiel Lasri, where they were greeted by the mayor’s wife who presented them with a bouquet of flowers. Fifty years ago, when she was just eight years old, Mrs. Lasri presented a bouquet to Israel Rogosin when he visited Ashdod. The mayor presented the guests with an album of pictures and newspaper clippings from the 1960’s where Israel Rogosin appears.

Later, Michael and Elliot visited two schools in Ashdod that are named after Israel Rogosin. They also walked along Rogosin Street in the center of the city, visiting the Jewish Agency Ashdod Absorption Center.

During their visit to the schools they met with students who expressed their gratitude to the Rogosin family for its contribution to the city and to the State of Israel. The Rogosin’s were visibly moved by the students they met.

These intergenerational heirs to Israel Rogosin’s legacy came to uncover and understand more about what motivated him some half a century ago. Michael and Elliot not only enjoyed a special and rewarding experience, they were inspired to follow in his footsteps, making the commitment to continue their family’s unique relationship with the city of Ashdod.

Israel Rogosin

Photo Credit: Leon Levitas

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