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Focus on Ethiopia: Average Cost of Things
Fall 2005

Bringing Ethiopians Home to Israel

  • $425 provides one airline ticket from Ethiopia to Israel

  • $895 enables one Ethiopian to receive full preparation for immigration to Israel, including: education in Ethiopia, security, contingency and staff.

Absorption for Newly-Arrived Immigrants

  • $3,300 provides vocational training for one newly-arrived Ethiopian immigrant

  • $4,740 provides housing and a Hebrew study program for one Ethiopian immigrant for a year

  • $6,060  provides one immigrant with full absorption for a year.

Improved Absorption of Ethiopian-Israeli Young People

  • $1,000 provides intervention for one youth at risk of dropping out of school

  • $1,000 provides scholastic assistance for a year to help an Ethiopian-Israeli pass his/her mandatory high school matriculation exam

  • $2,000 provides services for one student to implement a Head Start program for Ethiopian pre-schoolers in new cities

  • $2,000 provides one Ethiopian student with a scholarship for higher education and vocational training at institutes of higher learning in Israel

  • $20,000 provides one mediator in a school with new Ethiopian immigrants to support students and encourage and enable parental involvement