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> Life in Afula, by Sarah Greenberg, Greenwhich Federation
> Shabbat Invitations, and Bamba, by Liz Dudley, Washington, D.C. Federation
The Mall Isn't Just in America, by Robin Zebrowitz

> Living in a Mercaz Klitah, by Beth S. Pollak, Chicago Federation

> Super Sundays, by Jared Sarfin, Toronto Federation
Dignified Giving while Getting Filthy, by Eric Samuels
Holidays at Home, in Jerusalem, by Joshua Klein
Absorbing into Ashkelon, by Robin Zebrowitz
In Line with Tradition, Striving for the Highest Pillar, by Sara Landman
OTZMA Embarks On Its 19th Year

Past Updates
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> February 2005
> December 2004
April 2004
> March 2004
> January 2004
> December 2003

Below is a list of current OTZMA participants and their sponsoring Jewish federations:
Michal-Anne Fox, Boston
Aaron Blank, Boston
Matthew Check, Pittsburgh
Alizah David, Bergen County
Beth Pollak, Chicago
Eric Samuels, Chicago
Shoshana Friedman, Chicago
Morgan Frohman, New York
Vered Meir, New York
Molly Stolow, Metro-West NJ
Glen Weinberger, Metro-West NJ
Elad David, Washington DC
Elizabeth Dudley, Washington DC
Meara Razon, Philadelphia
Jordana Jaffe, Philadelphia
Sara Landman, Philadelphia
Jessica Moskowitz, Princeton, NJ /Philadelphia
Nathan Burstein, Seatlle
Jamie Mellan, Tucson
Shara Sparks, Albuquerque
Kymberlie Koch, San Diego
Robin Zebrowitz, Atlanta
Brian Rosenzweig, Atlanta
Gabe Roth, St. Louis/Nashville
Parthy Schachter, St. Paul
Elisabeth Kostin, Hartford, CT
Sarah Greenberg, Greenwich
Emily Eisenberg, Cleveland
Andrea Ullmann, Vancouver
Joshua Klein, San Francisco
Melissa Walden, San Francisco
Adam Bouchard, Detroit
Leah Chalmers, Toronto
Jared Sarfin, Toronto
Mark Shabason, Southern NJ
Lindsay Bodack, Central NJ

Tentative Schedule*

Aug. 16              Depart for Israel
Aug. 17-18         Arrival & Orientation in Jerusalem
Aug. 19-21         Group Tiyul & Shabbaton
Aug. 22-23         Orientation Continues on Track I Sites
Aug. 24              Track I Begins
Sept. 1               Ulpan Starts
Sept. 3-4            First Adoptive Family Weekend
Sept. 15-17         Rosh Hashana (free)
Sept. 30-Oct. 9    Succoth Vacation
Oct. 24-25           Yom Kippur Seminar in Jerusalem
Oct. 1-9               Succoth Vacation (free)
Nov. 5-6              Israeli-North American Dialogue Seminar
Nov. 21               Track 1 Ends
Nov. 22               Track II begins
Nov. 26-27          On Site Shabbat
Dec. 12-16           Politics & Society Seminar in Jerusalem
Jan. 21-22            Tu B'shvat Shabbaton
Feb. 24                 Track II Ends
Feb. 27-Mar. 17     Judaic Studies Seminar/Army Volunteer Experience
March 20               Track III Orientation
March 21               Track III Begins
April 22-30             Passover Break (free)
May 31                  Track III Ends
June 1-3                Hike (tiyul)
June 5-8                Concluding Seminar

* Please note that calendar is subject to change