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Israel Education Resource Center: Web Links

Jewish Agency For Israel Pedagogic Center
Curriculum Resources
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*Inclusion of a site in this list is for information purposes only, and does not suggest endorsement of the site's content or sponsoring organization. Likewise, the non-listing of a site should not be construed as a criticism.

Jewish Agency For Israel Pedagogic Center

Classroom Twinning-JAFI
JAFI's Web site on school or classroom twinning and a guide to successful twinning relationships

Israel Experience Models-JAFI
Israel experience models for madrichim who plan on taking groups to Israel

Maps of Arab-Israel Conflict-JAFI
Comprehensive list of maps of Arab-Israel conflict over the years

Timeline of Israel-JAFI
JAFI;s site dedicated to the timeline of the establishment of Israel and the last 50 years. The history ends at 1997, but it is a very good resource for everything leading up to 1997.

Zionist Terminology-JAFI
JAFI's site dedicated to a dictionary of Zionist terminology

The People of Israel-JAFI
JAFI's site dedicated to biographies of Israel's spiritual, defense, government, science and technology and literary leaders.

The Geography of Israel-JAFI
JAFI's site dedicated to the geography of Israel including information on specific regions of the country, cities, holy sites and bodies of water. Includes pitures.

50 Years of Israel-JAFI
JAFI's curricular guide to the first 50 years of the state of Israel

History of Zionism-JAFI
Online photo and poster exhibition of Israel and the history of Zionism

Summer Resources-JAFI
Online listing on where to find resources on Israel and Hasbara. Includes many resources for older students.

JAFI's website dedicated to activities to teach about Jerusalem

Wye River-JAFI
Online resource from JAFI regarding the Wye River agreement. Links to resources and discussion questions.

Dolphinarium Memorial-JAFI
This site is dedicated to the memorial service of those Israelis killed in the bombing at the Dolphinarium Disco in Tel Aviv. It can be easily adapted and used to help students understand the emotions of Israelis during this time.

Israel Advocacy Guide-JAFI
This site is your guide to the Middle East conflict. It includes history, maps and tips on how to speak publicly about the situation in Israel.

Behind the Headlines- JAFI
The site includes up to date news briefs, activity ideas and a recommended reading list. 

Presents some of the problematics of working on the current disturbances from the point of view of images and content and uses other resources and links, including the Response curriculum.

Offers links to spirituality, history, sites and scenes from daily life, plus educational activities to help teach a myriad of meanings and associations that reflect the values that form the core of the Jewish faith.  Also provides links to forums and chats enabling the dynamic exchange of ideas.

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This guide has 22 chapters covering everything from Israel's roots to each of
the wars to the current uprising.
The Virtual Jewish Library's guide to Zionism

Worldbook Encyclopedia
Worldbook Encyclopedia from 1998, Israel's 50th anniversary

Fordham University
Fordham Jewish History Timeline. Contains links to articles related to Zionism and the State of Israel including links to documents.

Lights in Action
Lights in Action Israel 101 page. A very simplified version of Israel's history.

The Greatest Cities
Website devoted to some of the greatest cities in the word provides a history of Israel

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Curriculum Resources

University of Michigan
Curriculum for college age students to study the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

UAHC Department of Education Curriculum Bank
Link to UAHC's curriculum bank with several lesson plans dealing with teaching about Israel and Israeli culture.

New York Times Learning Network
Grades 6-12: an introductory lesson created by The New York Times Learning Network; the lesson examines the media's portrayal of facts in reporting on the Middle East.

Jewish Education Center of Cleveland
Curriculum on navigating the peace process developed by the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland. Recommended for students in 8th grade up.

Site dedicated to a curriculum of mifgashim, but it has great activities for the classroom on exploring one's personal relationship to Israel.

Bureau of Jewish Education of San Francisco
Website of the Bureau of Jewish Education of San Francisco. The June 2001 unit focuses on Israel in the classroom.

Scholastic: Crisis in the Middle East
Online resource center to learn about the Crisis in the Middle East-Understanding the Arab-Israeli Conflict

World Zionist Organization
Program on processing the current crisis in the Middle East

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Teacher Resources

Indiana University Press
Journal available through the Indiana University Press. Scholarly articles based on current research about the social, political and economic situation in Israel

Bureau of Jewish Education of New York
Links to the Bureau of Jewish Education of New York page on Educational Perspectives on the situation in Israel. Click on "Current Situation in Israel"

Education Planet
Store devoted to educational resources including books and maps that include many resources on the state of Israel.

My Israel Source Web site and complimenting CD-ROM was developed by the Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies. The Web site and CD-Rom contains three major content areas: facts and primary sources regarding contemporary Israel and particularly the Israel political process, situation, relations with others, etc.; informal educational activities for youths at camp, searchable by age-group, methodology, and theme; concept papers to raise the more broad and theoretical questions concerning Israel education and Jewish education within the informal education setting.

Pre-Collegiate Teacher Education Workshop on Modern Israel
At the end of the one-week workshop, each participating teacher will receive enough information, media material, visual arts, and resource information about Israeli history, society, politics and culture to impart four to six weeks of school work to their students. Teachers may earn step or academic credit for professional advancement.

Israel Science and Technology Home Page: Arab-Israeli Conflict
Subject menu includes articles, a history of Israel, maps, links to presentations and more.

HASBARA is a non-profit organization, the goal of which is apolitical and non-biased reporting, presenting an explicative media plan that incorporates a reliable crisis communications component.

The Library of Congress: History of Israel
History of Israel posted on the Library of Congress website. Includes resources regarding Israel's foreign relations, the Israel Defense Force, Israel's political system, Education system and social structure.
A Web site sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, The Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Philadelphia, Auerbach Central Agency for Jewish Education, America-Israel Chamber of Commerce and Hillel of Greater Philadelphia. Filled with great resources including a "For Kids" section with history, geography and activities to do in the classroom.

J-sources myth/fact page about Israel

Central Bureau of Statistics
Every statistic you'd ever want about Israel

Central Intelligence Agency-Israel
The CIA's book on Israel. Contains history, photos etc.

The Galilee Diary-UAHC
UAHC website dedicated to the weekly diary entries of an educator living in Israel. The site offers a great personal perspective on current life in Israel.

The Discovery Channel
Journey from Cairo to the Dead Sea
This is the story of one man's bike trip from Egypt to the Dead Sea. Sponsored by the Discovery Channel, Jim Malusa keeps a diary of his travels and adventures. The sie has many great photographs. This is an incredible way to learn about and see first hand a trip that essentially follows the same path as Moses and the Israelites did during the Exodus 3,200 years ago

UAHC Press
UAHC's press site with key word search option.  Contains resource and textbooks on teaching about Israel.

Israel Diary-Aish HaTorah
Aish HaTorah's site contains several personal "diary" articles of people living in Israel. The pieces show a very personal side to the current situation in Israel and what it is like to live with it on a daily basis.

Bar-Ilan University
Bar-Ilan University's International Center for Jewish Identity hold a competition every year for Jewish youth.  Available on line are study materials for this competition, which include the history of Israel, the Israeli government and Israeli arts and culture. Materials are also available in hard copy.

The Dinur Center for Research in Jewish History
The site for THE DINUR CENTER FOR RESEARCH IN JEWISH HISTORY of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The site contains great resources on Israeli government, history, youth movements, defense, Arab-Israeli conflict and Israeli culture.

Think Quest
This site offers a lot of great information on Israel including a detailed look at Jerusalem, geographic regions and many pictures. Offers a full list of links to other sites.

Think Quest-Technology
This site offers the history of the technology sector in Israel. It highlights the medical, military and agricultural industries. Full of facts.

Intro to Israel site covering the history of Israel, Zionism and contemporary Israel.  Links to sites with additional information on specific topics.

"Attractive Land" Project
Website for materials for the "Attractive Land" project, a huge 30' x 15' (380 sq. foot) floor map of Israel that emphasizes the connection between the participant, the land and the people of Israel. The vivid color of the map details many significant religious and historical sites as well as details Israel's attractions, current events, and geography.

The Promises Film Project is a non-profit organization committed to furthering the Middle-East peace process by using the power of film to educate audiences about the importance of supporting peace efforts. Promises explores the conflict through the eyes of seven Israeli and Palestinian children living in Jerusalem. Rather than focusing on "hard news" Promises offers intimate stories that reveal what its like to grow up in times of conflict and peacemaking in the Middle East.  Through this site you can organize a screening of the film in your area, order educational materials and more.

The Carta site offers publications and maps about Israel.  Many of their products can be purchased, but some maps can be viewed online.

Tel Aviv University
Online searchable database from Tel Aviv University of sources. Contains bibliographic material on Zionism, the history of Zionism, the history of Jewish settlement in the land of Israel and more.

The Lookstein Institute
The Virtual Jewish Resource Center aims to meet the needs of the Diaspora Jewish educator by making available curricular materials and ideas, and by facilitating interaction of educators worldwide.

Atid's "Best Of" list is a careful selection of the most useful web resources for Jewish educators.

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Tours, Pictures, and Maps

The Jerusalem Mosaic
A virtual historical tour of Jerusalem

Jsource-Virtual Israel Experience
The virtual Israel experience, hosted by the Jewish Virtual Library, formerly JSOURCE. Offers a trip to Israel via the web including packing lists, where to stay and Hebrew conversation word that may be needed on your trip. The site includes pictures, facts about Israel and offers links to additional resources.

Israel Images
Great website devoted to photographs of Israel. Thousands of pictures to look at in categories ranging from the economy to religion to nature. Most of them can be ordered for a fee. 

Israel's National Photo Collection
Israel's national photo collection online.

"Back Home" Exhibit
"Back Home" photo exhibit with links in Hebrew and English

Full service tourism site with a clickable map of Israel. The site contains information on the history of cities in Israel as well as great pictures. of Israel
Online maps of Israel. Includes maps that show relative size of Israel to many different countries.

University of Texas-Library
Great collection of Middle East Maps

Maps of Israel
Offers maps of areas that are under dispute through the peace process. Maps are part of a larger booklet addressing the issue of disputed areas suitable for high school age and up.

Photo collection of Israel that is searchable by keyword or by city

Talking Maps
Enables surfers to hear the correct Hebrew pronunciation, of places in Israel. The Talking Maps correspond to articles from Gems in Israel's theme issues, which are viewable in the online archive.

Talking Maps Resource
Many words in Hebrew (including the names of places) have both a common and a proper way of pronunciation. For its maps, Gems in Israel has chosen to use the proper pronunciations, rather than the common ones.

Auerbach Center for Jewish Education
Another online tour of Israel from the Philadelphia's Auerbach Center for Jewish Education.

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birthright israel
Birthright Israel's site that includes information on the Israeli food, culture, government and history.

Israel Embassy
Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C. information page on the current situation in Israel.

Israeli Embassy Web site for Kids
Israeli Embassy site designed specifically for kids to explore the history, geography and symbols of the state of Israel. English speaking kids can take a virtual tour of Israel.

The Israel Defense Force
The Israel Defense Force's web page with a lot of helpful information on the current situation in Israel. Updated frequently.

Partnership 2000
UJC (and Keren Hayesod) solidarity activity with Israel during the first
months of the present round of Arab hostilities, within the framework of the
Partnership 2000 program (rallies, missions, postcard/phone campaigns, etc.)
Also Contains background and insights on the crisis (details on the first days,
analysis,personal impact, etc.)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Israel
Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs up to date information on the situation in Israel. Contains news briefs and links to facts about Israel and the peace process.
Card for Israel
Site promoting the world's largest Rosh HaShana card project. Great an easy way for children and young adults to get involved in an Israel solidarity activities.

Seeds of Peace
Seeds of Peace is a non-profit, non-political organization that helps teenagers from regions of conflict learn the skills of making peace.  Seeds of Peace is extremely active in the Middle East conflict and has a CD-ROM curriculum available for order to teach about the Arab-Israeli conflict with in-depth interviews with ten Israeli and Arab teenagers.

The Kenesset website. It offers virtual tours of the building, background on MKs, history, documents and updates on current laws. Great for those that want to learn about the Israeli government.

Building A Jewish  World
Building a Jewish World is an online program that brings together groups of students from communities all around the world to explore their Jewish identity through a series of engaging, educational activites. In other words, to build an online community.

Mideast Web
Website devoted to coexistence in the Middle East. Great news, commentary and culture information.

Israel Insider
This site has maps of security incidents (updated daily), disputed territories zoom maps, Israel's changing borders, comparative charts for population & area data in the Middle East and original articles.

Ramah programs in Israel website for their independent study program via the Internet. Contains a lesson and resources on the Israeli political system and the Knesset.

The Source Israel
Webzine with up-to-date information in Israel, Israel travel,  and Israel book reviews

Neve Shalom/Wahat al-salam (Oasis of Peace)
Website for the Neve Shalom/Wahat al-salam (Oasis of Peace) village in Israel established jointly by Jewish and Palestinian Arabs of Israeli citizenship and engaged in educational work for peace, equality and understanding between the two peoples.

Support Israel
This web site is devoted to sharing articles and information for personal education and advocacy on behalf of Israel. While by no means comprehensive, this web site attempts to screen material carefully. If successful, we will offer only "key" articles that will help you in your education and advocacy. You can receive this weekly email by subscribing. You can unsubscribe using the same link.

Anti-Defamation League
Anti-Defamation league Web site on Israel and worldwide anti-Semitism.

Jewish Education and Entertainment
Jewish-oriented site that that is educational, fun, simple to use and friendly. Activities include Hebrew language games, word searches, Israel geography games, and more.

TEEN-TO-TEEN is a project of the non-profit organization Sites for Education and Culture. It includes articles, pictures, bulletin boards and opportunities for e-pals. All articles are written by Jewish teens, and the teen editors of Teen-to-Teen are from Israel, the United States, Canada and England.

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Israel Education Resource Center

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