About Us
The Network of Independent Communities

As the umbrella organization linking 400 non-Federated communities, the Network of Independent Communities acts as an action arm for Jewish values around the world.

For Jews in these North American communities, Network is your connection with fellow travelers dedicated to securing a Jewish future for themselves, their children, and their global Jewish family. It is your entry point for fundraising help, information on national Jewish Federation missions, assistance in training local leaders and volunteers, as well as providing speakers and organizing community events.


Network communities fund the rescue of Jews in areas of conflict and risk, as well as their resettlement in Israel. They contribute substantially to the well-being of the people of Israel and of Jewish communities worldwide. In Israel and elsewhere overseas, the Network works through the Jewish Agency for Israel and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.

Network Power

Few organizations match the breadth and depth of the services Network communities support. That depth is made possible by the close cooperation of our local, regional, and national leadership with Jewish institutions, which share resources and expertise, as well as interact to enhance the quality of life for millions of Jews around the world.

Network News

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Dimona, Yerucham and Lod: three cities Network is working to improve

Join our efforts by learning more and contributing.  We work to insure that young boys and girls in these struggling communities are given the resources and opportunities that will help them to thrive.
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