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Nov. 13-15, 2005
Not the Jewish state itself, but its image. Marketing and public affairs experts detailed cutting-edge strategies for remaking Israel's profile in the world's eyes during the session "Israel, The Brand" on Tuesday, the GA's final day.

These experts detail different approaches to improving Israel’s image, but they all agree it needs fixing and only a coordinated strategy will work. click here for more       
Learn about every GA event in the GA Program, from the opening plenary with comedian and writer Ben Stein and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin to mini-plenaries with author Robert Putnam, along with compelling forums like "Rebels With a Cause" or "Seeing Ourselves Though the Holocaust Looking Glass" with historian Dr. Deborah Lipstadt, plus "Top 10" skills-building sessions and much, much more.

And learn about updates to the daily GA program by visiting this space daily, at      
Find your way through the GA with these maps of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, one of Canada’s leading event sites.      
Learn about the vibrant Jewish community of Toronto, a rich mosaic of 180,000 Jews from across the cultural and religious spectrum, or browse the best kosher restaurants. Discover the Greater Toronto Area, the largest urban center in Canada and one of the most culturally diverse and compelling cities anywhere. And follow the local news scene with these Toronto media outlets.      
At UJC we’re tackling the major challenges, and opportunities, of our Jewish future. Our newest major initiative is Operation Promise, the $160 million supplemental fundraising effort to help feed elderly, poor Jews in the former Soviet Union, strengthen Jewish identity among young FSU Jews facing assimilation, bring the remaining 20,000 Ethiopian Jews to Israel and lift the entire Ethiopian-Israel community into the mainstream with better education.

We're also helping build Jewish community at home in North America, with innovative programs like UJCweb, the federation Internet platform that's already giving more than 100 communities a robust Web presence featuring the critical email marketing tools necessary to build their online philanthropy, the fastest-growing arena in the non-profit world.      
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Aspiring campus journalists from "Do the Write Thing" are roaming the halls of the GA, interviewing participants with a question of the day. This year, the program’s 16th at the GA, 35 students from 33 campuses participated. For more, click here 
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