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Values of Caring
The Jewish Federations of North America represents and serves 153 Jewish federations and 300 independent Jewish communities across North America. It reflects the values of social justice and human rights that define the Jewish people. The values of caring that transform lives and perform miracles... more



Keeping Israel safe, strong and prosperous has always been a top priority for the North American Jewish community... Israel

Vulnerable People

There are humanitarian emergencies all over the world affecting Jews and non-Jews alike... Vulnerable Populations

Jewish Life

Jewish heritage offers practices and perspectives that enrich our lives and draw us closer to family, friends and community... Jewish Life


Ensuring that the voice of the Jewish Federations is a prominent force in policy decisions... Social Action/Advocacy
Israel Emergency Campaign - Donate Now
Operation Promise - Donate Now

The Peoplehood Papers

A selection of essays on Jewish peoplehood including pragmatic suggestions on how organizations within and beyond the federation world can create new  understandings and action plans around the issue.

Download Issue #1
Download Issue #2