Our Work

Global Planning Table (GPT)

Inspiring the Jewish Federations’ collective global work

The Global Planning Table was designed to inspire the Jewish Federations’ collective global work and drive collective solutions to important issues within the global Jewish community. 

Imagine a world where the greatest Jewish challenges and most exciting opportunities to strengthen and build our people are discussed, studied and understood. 

Imagine too, that we take the next step and determine a course of action based on our collective ability to have the biggest impact where it is needed most. 

Global Planning Table Vision: Federations will embrace the most compelling challenges and opportunities to strengthen and build the Jewish people, ensuring that our collective philanthropic investments have meaningful impact where most needed.

Global Planning Table Committee
This central group will focus on discussion of the Federation system's role in addressing the biggest issues facing the Jewish people globally.  It will be a venue for dialogue about current work as well as priorities and strategies for the future.  It will address ways to maintain and grow the funding streams that are needed to support these strategies.  The group consists of representatives of Federations, JFNA, the Jewish Agency and JDC. 

Partnership Committee
The Partnership Committee, made up of senior lay leaders and professionals from JFNA and from Federations that demonstrate the strongest support for overseas partner organizations, will nurture and strengthen JFNA and the Federations' relationships with our partners.  It will endeavor to align the GPT's priorities with those of its partners.  It will develop recommendations for allocating unrestricted dollars in accordance with those priorities, creating an allocation recommendation to be reviewed by the Executive Steering Committee and approved by the JFNA Board of Trustees.

For more information, please contact GPT@jewishfederations.org.