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Communal Advancement
it's time to transform the negev

It is time to build on the extraordinary work of those who have come before us—indeed the work that many of you have done—to finally transform Ben-Gurion’s dream of the Negev into reality, making it a vital part of Israel. The Israeli government is moving forward with infrastructure. Route 6 is nearing Beer Sheva. Army bases with human resources of immeasurable value to the Negev are being relocated. Our partners have existing projects and new programs with the capacity to infuse the Negev with excellence in education, programs to transform risk into opportunity for youth, the disabled, for minorities and small businesses. But they cannot do it alone. It’s time. Time to take the next step. Time to finally transform and unleash the power of the Negev. Israel’s future depends on it.

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Jewish Federations of North America Communal Advancement reflects a strategic focus and effective mechanism for proactively addressing crucial imperatives above and beyond—that precede or exceed—traditional federation funding.

Jewish Federations of North America/CA professionals, collaborating with individual philanthropists, foundations and communities, seek to identify opportunities and apply novel approaches to solving pressing challenges.

Through Jewish Federations of North America/CA, you can align your unique philanthropic vision with these vital issues through designated outright or planned giving, or participation in a venture approach with other like-minded donors. Whatever the vehicle, Jewish Federations of North America's Communal Advancement capitalizes on the size, strength, capabilities and track record of Jewish Federations of North America to optimally leverage your investment—ensuring that your dollars do the most good.

At Jewish Federations of North America Communal Advancement, we scan the Jewish world each year to identify critical issues that are consistent with Jewish Federations of North America’s mission and are fundamental to advancing our Jewish community—whether next door or around the world. The goal is not to engage in every issue but rather to concentrate with laser-like intensity to deliver results on a focused set of issues that meet one or more of the following criteria:

>  Are at a critical tipping point—if we do not act now we lose a transformative opportunity

>  Innovative high-impact responses are ongoing but severely under-funded

>  Innovative, new high-impact responses are ready to be put into motion but
    require seed capital to launch

Strategic Objectives

All Jewish Federations of North America/CA initiatives have clearly defined strategic objectives that meet the issues head on. While critical and transformative, they can only be achieved through outside funding. 

Consider the opportunity to address one of these concerns. Again, these initiatives extend beyond—or may precede or exceed—traditional federation funding efforts. But they are no less fundamental to our future as a people. Your commitment can make the difference.


Are you ready to effect change in a powerful new way?