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Job Title: Executive Director

Date Last Updated: 9/10/2014
Job ID #: 11165

Role/Job Category:†Other
Organization Name:†Jewish Community Foundation of Central Pennsylvania


Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


The priority of the Executive Director will be to continue the trend of asset growth, particularly by enhancing community awareness and understanding of the Foundationís role and by bringing in new community members as fundholders. Another priority of the Foundation is to extend its services to neighboring small Jewish communities which do not have their own PG&E capability.

It is the responsibility of the Executive Director to develop new accounts and to manage and operate the Foundation. The Foundation Director reports directly to the Foundation Board.

The Director will:

  • instill as a community priority the importance of accumulating enduring assets in order to secure the future stability and continuity of the Jewish community.
  • persuade members of the Jewish community to provide, in some way, for the future of the Jewish community.
  • facilitate and enhance the involvement of the younger generation of Jews in the older generationís tradition of Jewish community support
  • establish the Foundation as the venue for all Jewish community agency endowments
  • serve as a resource from which all Jewish community needs may be endowed
  • serve as the central resource to facilitate charitable giving for each member of the Jewish community.
  • position the Foundation in a place of prominence and respect among the non-profit community, the tax and estate planning community and the general Jewish community.†

Responsibilities include:

  • assist individuals and families to create unrestricted endowments, designated endowments and funds, donor advised funds, life income funds and supporting foundations in order to carry out Jewish community purposes and/or their own Jewish oriented charitable purposes.
  • be familiar with and remain abreast of all relevant legal and technical developments in estate planning and charitable giving, and be able to apply them.
  • create a menu of gift and endowment alternatives, ideas and methods that will facilitate the endowment of Jewish community needs.
  • carry out general marketing and salesmanship in order to bring the existence of the Foundation and its benefits to the attention of the Jewish community.
  • manage the overall operations of the Foundation.
  • develop a dedicated group of community leaders committed to carrying out the mission of the Foundation and to maintaining a high level of interest, knowledge, commitment, and active involvement.

  • staff the Foundation Board and its committees and ensure that their governance and oversight functions take place.†

    Duration:††††Full time
    Salary Range:†††Negotiable
    Preferred experience:††10 years or longer
    Preferred degree:††Masters or professional

Desired Education Degree/Level:†Masters

Career Level:†10 or more

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