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Job Title: Coordinator of Teen Education

Date Last Updated: 8/1/2013
Job ID #: 10812

Role/Job Category: Jewish Education/Programming
Organization Name: Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester
Location: Rochester, New York
Status: Full-Time


Coordinator of Teen Education
Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester

Responsibilities include the following:

1. Coordination of several community-wide Jewish teen network programs throughout the year:          

  • New Program Development
  • Determining the theme/topic/purpose/outcomes of each program (in collaboration with supervisor/principals/advisors/teens)
  • Calendar clearance/coordination with other institutions
  • Research on programs of excellence/best practices around the country
  • Implement all details of programming within the provided budget
  • Publicity and promotion throughout the community
  • Administrative and organizational responsibilities for the reservation of the site, speaker, etc.
  • Evaluation of the program at the conclusion
  • Coordination, development, and implementation of the “Panim el Panim” program for Rochester
  • Coordination and administration of community-wide teen service projects
  • Convening the Jewish Teen Community Programming Board
  • Planning, implementing, and supervising annual community-wide teen trip to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum (“Zikaron Trip of Remembrance”)

2. Planning and implementing teen activities associated with Partnership 2Gether—Rochester’s Partnership with the city of Modi’in, Israel including, but not limited to, the “Journey for Identity” summer travel program in Rochester, Poland and Israel. This includes:

  • Recruitment of Rochester teens
  • All aspects of marketing/communications and recruitment working with Federation marketing staff as necessary
  • Oversight of application process
  • Set-up and oversight of interviews
  • Working collaboratively with Israeli colleagues on all aspects of program
  • Facilitating the work of the JFI Rochester Chair and Committee
  • Pre- and post-trip events and programs
  • Long-term follow-up
  • Budget creation and oversight, fee collection and financial aid
  • Travel with teens in Rochester, Poland and Israel

3. Consultation for Israel teen and student trips. This includes:

  • Encourage Jewish teens and college students to participate in Israel programs
  • Knowledge of Birthright developments and other national and international trends and resources
  • Knowledge of financial resources available for trip subsidies in our community and around the country
  • Familiarity with the wide range of Israel programs
  • Ability to research Israel programs on the Internet and teach others how to do so
  • Meet with parents and teens in order to find and recommend the best programs available for their needs and resources
  • Consulting with college students about Israel programs

4. Coordination and oversight of the Federation’s support of the community’s Jewish supplemental school high school-age consortium, called JERNY.  This includes:

  • Collection of statistics
  • Goal setting independently and with local directors of Jewish schools
  • Evaluation of JERNY
  • Consultation to community professionals on teen programs and issues
  • Implementation and coordination of the JERNY catalogue
  • Overseeing funding distribution to participating agencies
  • Convening of JERNY advisory group of professionals

5. Coordination of the “Gift of Israel” program. This includes:

  • Administration of the program including financial distributions
  • Compilation and development of promotional materials
  • Development of educational materials for youth and parents involved in the program
  • Follow up and interaction with M&T Bank, holder of the Gift of Israel funds.
  • Engage Israel trip participants in the Jewish community after their return

6. Miscellaneous. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Coordination and oversight of need-based Israel scholarship distributions
  • Collaboration with the Educators Council to implement community/inter-school programs
  • Collaboration with fellow community youth leaders to implement interfaith programming
  • Community consultation on teen programs and issues


Personal characteristics of the individual in this position include:

  • Enthusiastic and energetic
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • High level computer skills including Microsoft Office, social networking, databases, and other applications
  • Jewishly knowledgeable, supportive of the diversity of Jewish life
  • Well organized
  • Enjoys working with young people, knowledgeable about teens and teen issues
  • Motivational
  • “People person”
  • Good networker
  • Risk-taker
  • Ability to work independently and as a team member with other members of the Jewish Education Services Department and Federation staff


  • Able to work evenings and weekends as needed
  • Able to accompany teens on travel programs as needed (might include Israel/Poland, Washington) or field trips (might include regional programs in Buffalo, Camp Seneca Lake)





Desired Education Degree/Level: Bachelor's

Career Level: 2-5 yrs. experience

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Contact Title: Consultant
Preferred Contact Method: E-mail
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