Job Title: Senior Development Director

Date Last Updated: 10/3/2013
Job ID #: 10636

Role/Job Category: Campaign/Financial Resource Development
Organization Name: Milwaukee Jewish Federation
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Status: Full-Time


Senior Development Director
Milwaukee Jewish Federation

The Milwaukee Jewish Federation has gone through a two-year period of reflection, analysis, and planning in order to clearly define and strengthen its work within the community.  In its role as community convener, the Federation seeks to be a more open, transparent organization, with a clear focus on two main areas: financial resource development, and outreach, engagement and leadership development.  With a new CEO/President and a clear vision, this is a unique moment in time for the right person to lead the annual giving and guide the donor relationship management process of the organization.  The ideal candidate will embrace the opportunity to help lead the development team at a crucial time of change.

Job Function:
The Senior Development Director is a senior staff member and is an integral player in developing the organization’s comprehensive fund raising strategy, with the ultimate responsibility and accountability for:

  1. Major Girts/Fundraising Activities
  2. The Annual Community Campaign.
  3. The training and implementation of the donor relationship management program.
  4. The coordination of corporate giving. 

The Senior Development Director will be assigned a select number of Major Gift donors and prospects for relationship management, ensures that the Federation meets its yearly campaign and corporate giving goals, and is responsible for the implementation of the donor relationship management program.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Annual Community Campaign Planning and Implementation:

  • In partnership with the Campaign Manager and Campaign lay leadership, designs and implements a comprehensive, strategic Campaign plan designed to ensure achievement of Campaign goals while maximizing the engagement of volunteers and building community.  The Campaign plan incorporates evaluation of previous campaigns, donor giving behavior, target segments, and how resources (financial and human) are allocated.
  • The Senior Development Director develops and manages an implementation plan.  The plan incorporates the Federation message, the allocation of financial and human resources, and timeframes and objectives for each component.
  • Sets direction and goals, in collaboration with Campaign leadership, FRD team and MJF Board of Directors.
  • Develops and monitors budgets for all Campaign activities, working closely with Business Services and the Campaign Manager to ensure accurate tracking and accountability, in a manner that reflects reasonable goals and deliverables for the Annual Community Campaign.
  • The Senior Development Director must be a strong partner with Campaign lay leadership, staying in close contact, monitoring progress and offering professional help and support in all aspects of the job.
  • Works closely with the CEO and Executive Director of the Jewish Community Foundation to assure that annual giving is part of a comprehensive approach to donor relationship management.
  • With the Campaign Manager, monitors the direction of the Campaign and takes, when necessary, steps throughout the year adjusting the plan and activities to insure its success.
  • Supervises the Campaign Manager to ensure Campaign pledges are processed effectively, income is gathered efficiently and pledges and payments are acknowledged promptly and accurately.

Donor Relationship Management:

  • Design and implement comprehensive Donor Management process to move the Federation to an integrated model of fund raising.
  • Oversee training of staff as donor relationship managers.
  • Coordinate process for developing individual donor plans, and engaging new donors into the management process.
  • Oversee data collection and reporting for donors under management.
  • Coordinate training of Executive Committee, Board of Directors and other volunteers in integrated fundraising.

Corporate Outreach:

  • Coordinate efforts to develop a comprehensive and ongoing corporate support program for the Federation, including corporate sponsorships and funding special projects.
  • Identify potential corporate and private foundation funding opportunities.

Provides supervision, support. mentoring and management to:

  • Campaign Manager
  • Two Development Associates
  • Two Database Coordinators
  • Senior staff with donor portfolios
  • Interns and administrative support staff as needed
  • Works in close collaboration with the Director of Women’s Philanthropy for major donor management.
  • Ensures that Campaign staff have plans which align with the overall Campaign and integrated plan.
  • Ensures that all components of Campaign, including Women’s Campaign, support the target segments, financial goals, and financial/human resources as stated in the Campaign plan.
  • Leads effort to educate Federation staff about philanthropy and donor relations.

Develops and maintains strong collaboration and a cooperative partnership with the Marketing Department in the following areas:

  • Developing a Campaign message which supports the overall Federation message.
  • Ensuring that the Marketing Department has a first-hand understanding of the needs of the various donor segments in order to interpret needs and define the best way to position fundraising efforts.
  • Providing input into a marketing plan to support the Campaign.
  • Collaborating on the development of corporate sponsorship plans and materials.
  • In close collaboration with the Business Services Department, acts as database “owner” with responsibility for ongoing donor information updates and data entry,  functionality of the database, appropriate reporting and data information/retrieval.
  • Oversees all “special” campaigns that address specific community needs.
  • Maintains relationships with the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) in order to enhance program opportunities and elicit best practices.

Indicators of Success:

  • Flexible and adaptable as the development function of the Federation evolves.
  • Integrates Annual Campaign into Federation’s total fundraising efforts.
  • Achieves Campaign, corporate and donor relationship management goals.
  • Campaign leadership, Board, staff and other stakeholders accept vision and direction of new Campaign structure and changing direction for donor management.
  • Successful donor management program instituted and operational.
  • Increases number of yearly donors.
  • Builds successful relationships with staff and volunteers.
  • Maintains strong partnerships with all internal Federation departments.
  • Helps staff improve skills.
  • Ensures budgets are balanced.
  • Identifies new and effective outreach and donor initiatives, “best practices”.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Creates, builds and manages effective Campaign plans.
  • Strategizes opportunities for continual improvement and innovative outreach.
  • Skilled in direct solicitation.
  • Articulates Federation message effectively, both in writing and verbally.
  • Encourages teamwork and support of staff within and outside of Campaign department.
  • Understands and can work with Marketing to maximize use of technology in building relationships and soliciting gifts (e.g., e-philanthropy, social networking media, etc.).


  • Position requires a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s preferred, in Jewish communal studies, business or related areas with 5-7 years’ experience in fundraising and volunteer management.
  • Executive level strategic thinking and leadership abilities.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills needed to interact with a diverse body of lay leaders and other stakeholders.
  • Experienced in the campaign planning, database management, budgeting, understanding the lay-staff partnership, and the organized Jewish community, its practices and values.


Desired Education Degree/Level: Masters

Career Level: 5-10 yrs. experience

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