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Job Title: Associate Director, National Young Leadership

Date Last Updated: 1/24/2013
Job ID #: 10598

Role/Job Category: Campaign/Financial Resource Development
Organization Name: Jewish Federations of North America
Location: New York, New York
Status: Full-Time


Associate Director, National Young Leadership
Jewish Federations of North America

PRINCIPAL FUNCTION: The Associate Director of National Young Leadership – Community Relations works as part of a team of professionals and lay leaders to advance the mission and vision of the National Young Leadership Department most particularly focusing on strengthening all local Young Adult departments in the areas of Outreach, Leadership Development, Community Partnerships and Campaign. The Associate Director is directly supervised by the Senior Director of NYL, and supervises the Senior Program Manager, NYL.


Based on recent feedback from the local professionals, this position would work to develop new ways of working with the local communities that would ensure strategic and clear communications and provide tools and resources they are looking for on the national level. Programs would continue to develop as this position becomes acclimated. Responsibilities will include (but not limited to) the following

  • Work to showcase best practices in the field, thereby allowing all communities to understand successful models that can be adapted for their needs.
  • Based on general feedback and individual requests, create and supplement needed curriculum locally.
  • Develop strong orientation protocol from JFNA to the professional.
  • Administer the Professional Roundtables ensuring appropriate leadership, supervision and support throughout.
  • Create regional professional gatherings in partnership with the local host community.
  • Build and execute a mentorship program for new colleagues in the field
  • Administer an annual YAD survey and work to showcase local activity in the field while building targeted goals for the next 3-5 years.
  • Serve as the primary consult for local YAD communities.
  • Advocate to federation professional and lay leadership for the importance of investing in local and national involvement for young adults.
  • Help support the development and implementation of national programs, conferences, missions and other vehicles which advance this area, including such programs as IACT, 15/30, and others.
  • Serve as the liaison for local Federations for all national events (monthly conference calls, recruitment, program development).
  • Supervise Senior Program Manager of NYL; oversee efforts and projects which support community professionals, development of local programs and their leadership, and other related projects such as IACT, 15/30, JBlock, etc.

This position would work on creating a successful tool for measuring success in local communities so JFNA can monitor activity from one year to the next. The ideal professional would have past experience as a young adult director in a federation (or similar/related position) and would have a clear understanding of the needs a YAD Director may have.

The above job duties and responsibilities describe the general nature and level of work for employees in this position, but this is not intended as an exclusive or all-inclusive inventory of all duties required of employees in this position.


  • Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in Jewish history, social/communal work, or related area, Master’s preferred, and at least 5-7 years experience in Jewish Communal work.
  • Past experience as a Federation Young Adult Director is a plus.
  • Must have a demonstrated understanding of and commitment to the Jewish community, with strong interpersonal, leadership, and organizational skills. 
  • A self starter who is resourceful and creative, taking the initiative in enhancing the experience of our population.
  • Experience in conference planning and programming, with excellent communication and writing skills. 
  • Experience in supervision of staff and teams.
  • This position requires tremendous attention to detail, multitasking under pressure in a fast paced environment, yet also an ability to see the larger picture.
  • Should be a high energy, team player, with a sense of humor and a positive attitude, and the ability to deal with diverse personalities with grace and confidence.
  • The Assistant Director must understand and embody the mission of Federation and what local Young Adult Directors are working towards, serving as a role model, mentor, and visionary.
  • Should understand and master the lay-professional relationship, as well as pro-to-pro, and be able to lead diverse teams through the communal process; someone others trust and listen to, who inspires them to excel.
  • Fluent with Jewish communal values and trends, keeping up on data and statistics, but also understanding the ebbs and flows of the Jewish communal experience.
  • Technical savvy and ability to work with a variety of social media and other technology.

Desired Education Degree/Level: Bachelor's

Career Level: 5-10 yrs. experience

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