Job Title: Community Purchasing Manager

Date Last Updated: 4/22/2013
Job ID #: 10461

Role/Job Category: Finance/Controller/Chief Financial Officer
Organization Name: Jewish Federation of Northern NJ
Location: Paramus, New Jersey
Status: Full-Time


Community Purchasing Manager
Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey

Background info:
The Kehillah Cooperative is an innovative initiative that was formed over two years ago to lower costs among our northern New Jersey Jewish community organizations by purchasing goods and services together as one. To date, it has been very successful, savings the 97 organizations that participate $1.3 million dollars.

The objective of the Kehillah Cooperative is to build a stronger more cohesive Jewish community thru creating a cooperative process, embracing all the not-for-profit Jewish Organizations, on a voluntary basis.  By delivering a service that positively impacts their bottom line, we transform the communities’ attitude toward Federation and the benefits of working together.

We are in that process of transforming our communities’ attitudes and the Community Purchasing Manager (CPM) is charged with the responsibility not only of the mechanics of the purchasing process, but equally important being a community resource to the many organizations that have begun to see us as their “go to” resource in area of product& service choices and consultant on broad areas of cooperation.

The CPM will coordinate activities in identifying, quantifying, negotiating with suppliers for services and goods.   These negotiations should include such items as vendor questionnaires, RFP’s, master service agreements, fixed or variable price contracts, service level agreements and contract compliance.  The CPM will also monitor supplier performance metrics and regular market surveys to monitor market pricing for similar items.

The Purchasing Coordinator (CPM) must be able to work with the Federation leadership to develop and manage contracts with suppliers in such areas as power, utilities, insurance, benefits, legal, copy services, promotional products, marketing collateral, travel, catering, office supplies, office equipment, facilities purchases, mail, credit card fees, records retention, shredding services, temporary labor, subcontractors, information technology (IT), mobile phones, and communication services. After the best suppliers have been selected, the CPM will conduct workshops and presentations to assist the local organizations (beneficiary agencies) in implementation at the same time demonstrating significant cost savings

The CPM is responsible for monthly reporting on wins and losses of group purchasing efforts. In addition, the CPM must quantify the results in terms of dollars saved, number of organizations participating and comparisons to benchmarks.

The CPM must have:

  • Specialized knowledge and experience in purchasing activities
  • Experienced in negotiating with suppliers (contracts, services and goods)
  • Analytical abilities to carry through and roll out the best product or service being offered. Ability to implement
  • Strong selling abilities
  • Strong communication skills. The ability to work in diversified teams, and to guide and motivate various agency stakeholders
  • The ability to work both independently and in a detailed hands-on business process capacity.
  • A big picture view of the goals and vision
  • Strong time management skills and the ability to multi-task
  • Heavy user of Microsoft Office

Desired Education Degree/Level: Bachelor's

Career Level: 5-10 yrs. experience

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Contact Title: Consultant
Preferred Contact Method: E-mail
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