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Job Title: Executive Director

Date Last Updated: 6/28/2013
Job ID #: 9786

Role/Job Category: Other
Organization Name: Friedman Commission for Jewish Education
Location: West Palm Beach, Florida
Status: Full-Time


Friedman Commission for Jewish Education Board

The Executive Director provides leadership to staff and volunteers to accomplish the goals of the Friedman Commission for Jewish Education. S/he communicates and interacts with the lay leadership of the Commission and reports to the President, the Executive Committee and the Board of Commissioners. The Executive Director has the responsibility and authority for management and oversight of all activities of CJE.

The Executive Director ideally has earned advanced academic degrees in Judaic Studies, from accredited professional training programs in Jewish communal service, outside of rabbinic and teaching programs or has commensurate experience in Jewish communal service that would qualify applicant. S/he has acquired specific professional skills and knowledge in the areas of management, policy planning, psychology, and social work. S/he is familiar with Jewish tradition and values, ethical issues, literature and history, and different ethnic customs and has an understanding of the dynamics of contemporary Jewish life in terms of demography, patterns of communal activity, and the role of community institutions and organizations. The professional shall have demonstrated competence in computer literacy, and is conversant with advanced accounting and budgeting techniques.

The Executive Director shall have demonstrated strengths, expertise and success in planning, administration, fundraising, and the ability to reach out to all stakeholders in Jewish education. The Executive Director shall have demonstrated the capacity to develop creative initiatives in Jewish education planning and programming.

As a partner agency with the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County, CJE has a special relationship with the Federation specifically in the area of planning for this community’s Jewish education agenda. The Executive Director of the CJE has a leadership role in all matters pertaining to planning, monitoring and evaluating the community’s Jewish educational agenda, and is accountable to the Federation in that capacity.

The Executive Director has responsibilities in five major areas:

1.Vision and Long-Range Planning

The Executive Director implements the visions and provides leadership for CJE staff, the Board, and the community. With the Board, s/he is involved in the development of long range plans and s/he implements these plans.  The Executive Director energizes the diverse Jewish groups in the community around a shared passion for Jewish education.

2.Community Outreach

The Executive Director is the principal ambassador of the CJE to the community and actively promotes Jewish Education. S/he shall participate in the development of new programs for all constituents.

The Executive Director shall maintain a close working relationship with day schools, congregational schools, and synagogues to understand their needs and to assess, coordinate, and improve Jewish education. S/he ensures that the community provides opportunities for the professional growth of educators and promotes the highest quality program models and curricula for Jewish institutions.

3.Inter-agency Relationships

The Executive Director sustains and creates partnerships and synergies between the CJE, the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County, and other Jewish agencies.


Executive Director works with staff, the Board, Federation, the Community Foundation, and the wider community to meet fund raising goals as established by the Executive Committee. S/he directs CJE efforts to secure gifts, bequests, and other sources of funds, and solicits major donors to encourage their support for Jewish Education.

5.Day-to-day Operation of the CJE

The Executive Director shall supervise, and be responsible for the following:

Professional and Administrative Staff

The ED is responsible for the hiring of professional staff. All staff shall receive updated job descriptions, and be provided with performance reviews at least quarterly during the year. Staff shall be offered opportunities for professional development and ongoing learning and a record maintained of such opportunities presented to staff members.

Finance and Business Management

The Executive Director develops and monitors the annual budget in collaboration with the treasurer and financial committee. S/he directs the preparation and submission of grants, oversees CJE participation in community funding allocations, and accounts for CJE monies and property. The ED is responsible for immediately reporting any suspected financial anomalies or problems.


The Executive Director evaluates current programs, assists in the development of new programs, monitors and directs the work of staff and volunteers.


The Executive Director shall effectively market and publicize CJE and its programs and services.


The Executive Director will receive and participate in periodic reviews. Designated members of the Board must be involved and use the opportunity to reinforce and/or redirect the Executive Director’s contribution to the agency and community. Any need for changes must be indicated. When there is a lack of a periodic assessment, there is the potential for an erosion of mutual trust between the executive and those overseeing that executive.

Applicants to Provide:

Resume to include:

  • Academic background
  • Positions Held
  • Personal and Professional References

Applicant shall also provide a brief philosophical statement of commitment to an independent agency’s role in developing a community’s Jewish education agenda and the Applicant’s personal vision for creating exciting innovative and relevant initiatives to attract wide communal support and participation.

Responses to be submitted via email:

Desired Education Degree/Level: Masters

Career Level: 10 or more

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