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Job Title: Director of Planning and Allocations

Date Last Updated: 4/22/2013
Job ID #: 10697

Role/Job Category:Community Planning & Resource Allocation
Organization Name:Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ
Location:Whippany,New Jersey


Director Planning and Allocations
Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ

The Director oversees the Planning & Allocations Department and serves as primary staff to the Unified Allocations Council. In that capacity, s/he develops policy and administers operations relating to the annual allocations process. S/he engages in the evaluation of needs and services in the community in order to ensure that Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ utilizes the philanthropic support it receives to improve the lives of Jews in our area and to strengthen our connections to each other and to Klal Yisrael.



  1. Administer the annual allocation process, including the design of forms and procedures, collection of necessary information from agencies, support for the decision-making process of allocations committees, and appropriate documentation, both for internal purposes and to notify agencies, of all recommendations relating to program and allocations. Coordinate with Israel/Overseas, Finance, and other departments of Jewish Federation to ensure that the total budget of the organization reflects mission and fiscal prudence;
  2. Directly staff the Unified Allocations Council;
  3. Develop, maintain, and improve positive working relationships with the professional and volunteer leadership of the various beneficiary agencies in order to ensure the cooperation and effectiveness of the agencies in meeting the needs of the community;
  4. Develop and implement procedures intended to strengthen the financial stability and programmatic strength of the beneficiary agencies;
  5. Monitor the emerging needs of the Greater MetroWest Jewish Community, plan appropriate service responses, and seek ways of implementing the services in the community;
  6. Responsible for staffing Israel and Overseas Committee and all overseas allocations/programs;
  7. Oversee operations relating to government contracts and foundation grants awarded to the Jewish Federation for services in the community, and identify emerging opportunities for new funding.

(both internal and external):

  • Chairs, Vice-Chairs, and members of all committees relating to planning and allocations.
  • Staff of the Planning and Allocations Department
  • Executive staff (CEO, Associate Executive, CFO) and senior lay leaders of beneficiary agencies
  • Other senior officers of the Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ

Provide direct supervision to all members of the Planning and Allocations Department. Adjust assignments to meet the workflow requirements, reflect the various abilities and interests of the staff, and provide each employee with a supportive work environment that will comport with their career aspirations.

Desired Education Degree/Level:Bachelor's

Career Level:5-10 yrs. experience

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Contact Title:Consultant
Preferred Contact Method:E-mail
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