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Job Title: Director of Legacy Development

Date Last Updated: 4/24/2013
Job ID #: 10686

Role/Job Category: Planned Giving and Endowment
Organization Name: Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Status: Full-Time


Director of Legacy Development
Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona

The Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona seeks a Director of Legacy Development.  The Mission of JCF is to “Empower individuals and families today to invest in a stronger Jewish and global community for tomorrow.”  Donors work with JCF on  leaving charitable bequests in their wills, often working with CPAs and attorneys on ensuring donor legacy.

JCF seeks a unique individual to coordinate all aspects of our legacy program: working with partner agencies and synagogues on developing their own charitable bequest efforts; marketing, coordinating events, staffing committees and information management.


  1. Develop  and manage an overall Legacy Development Plan for the Agency
  2. Staff the Areivim Committee- JCF’s oversight group that manages our partnership legacy project
  3. Coordinate the Areivim program – working with our agency partners to set goals, identify and train volunteers, monitor progress and plan events to celebrate success
  4. Staff Program and Policy Committees and Task Forces
  5. Develop a calendar and action plan for JCF’s annual Legacy program
  6. Assist in the recruitment and orientation of the Legacy Development leadership for succession planning
  7. Assist with the development, coordination and production of volunteer orientation and training materials
  8. Monitor and develop ongoing Legacy reports and summaries for marketing and training efforts
  9. Establish and implement benefits, recognition and acknowledgements of donors and Areivim partners
  10. Establish and implement an ongoing stewardship program to support existing donors while developing contacts and relationships with potential donors
  11. Work with support staff to ensure excellence in data maintenance and data analysis
  12. Provide support to donors who wish to create a Legacy Plan or to amend their existing plan
  13. Ensure that Executive Director and Legacy Consultant have support and information needed and that they are adequately prepared for donor meetings
  14. Develop long term plans and identify prospective donors for cultivation
  15. Supervise the Legacy Assistant and support staff


  1. Masters Degree preferred or commensurate experience working with non-profit organizations
  2. Extensive understanding of and commitment to the future of the Jewish community
  3. Enjoys participating in community events and outreach activities ensuring adequate JCF representation
  4. Engaging, warm and a “people person”
  5. Well organized and an intuitive appreciation for long and short term planning
  6. Demonstrated ability to raise funds (though JCF does not do traditional fundraising)
  7. Conversant in Planned Giving, Endowments and Bequests
  8. Excellent Communicator, both written and oral
  9. Comfortable  with public  speaking
  10. Eager to learn new skills (no matter how experienced)
  11. Team player
  12. Sense of Humor (a must!)


  • Full time position- 40 hours a week
  • Generous benefit package
  • 4 weeks vacation a year plus Jewish holidays
  • Salary range- $60,000-$70,000 depending on experience
  • Hoped for start date January or February 2013




Desired Education Degree/Level: Masters

Career Level: 5-10 yrs. experience

How To Apply
Contact For Job: JFNA-MCLE-CM
Contact Title: Consultant
Preferred Contact Method: E-mail
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