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Job Title: Director of Finance

Date Last Updated: 10/25/2012
Job ID #: 10317

Role/Job Category: Finance/Controller/Chief Financial Officer
Organization Name: Jewish Federation of Cleveland
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Status: Full-Time


Director of Finance
Jewish Federation of Cleveland

The Director of Finance (“DOF”) will report to the Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”) and will be an Asst. Dept Head of the Fiscal Department.  Duties will include the following:

  1. Oversight of, and participation in all Investment-related activities of the Federation.
  2. Supervision of department activities related to recording of transactions involving investments.
  3. Management of all activities of the Finance and Investment Committee and investment committees of multiple Supporting Foundations (approximately 40), including preparation for meetings, providing relevant data in advance of meetings, preparation of chairs, interaction with various investment consultants and managers, preparation of meeting minutes, and implementation of all decisions reached by the committees.
  4. Leading and participating in monthly conference calls for the Finance and Investment Committee with at least one current investment manager.
  5. Leading and participating in review and preparation of documents required for new investments.
  6. Creation of written policies and procedures related to investment-related activities of the Federation, and consistent implementation of all such policies and procedures.  Includes maintenance and regular update of Investment Guidelines document.
  7. Preparation of reports on investment related activities to the Board, JFNA and other constituencies.
  8. Presentations regarding investment results to entities invested in Federation investment pools, or entities considering an investment in Federation pools.
  9. Providing regular and complete communication with the CFO regarding investment activities.
  10. Maintaining knowledge of current trends in investment markets, and learning about new products and opportunities.  Using this knowledge to make recommendations as appropriate.
  11. Developing internal reporting and monitoring capabilities to augment the services provided by outside consultants.
  12. Other duties as assigned.

The Director of Finance should have a minimum of 5 years experience in investment management with supervisory responsibilities.  Candidates must have a college degree, preferably in Finance.  Candidates with an MBA or a CFA designation are preferred.  Excellent verbal and writing skills required.  Excellent computer skills, including knowledge of Excel and use of the Internet required.


Desired Education Degree/Level: Bachelor's

Career Level: 5-10 yrs. experience

How To Apply
Contact For Job: JFNA - MCLE - RW
Contact Title: Consultant
Preferred Contact Method: E-mail
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