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Job Title: Executive Director

Date Last Updated: 1/2/2013
Job ID #: 10077

Role/Job Category: Other
Organization Name: Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Status: Full-Time



The Jewish Community Foundation and the Tucson Jewish Community are seeking an outstanding professional who demonstrates leadership and devotion to the Jewish Community.  We seek an individual with vision and creativity, strong management skills, and the ability to work effectively in partnership with lay leaders. The Executive Director must demonstrate excellence in donor relationships, must exhibit public relations aptitude and decision making ability, and must possess commitment to values and principles with the strength to sustain them. 

The Executive Director is the professional leader of the Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona.  The Executive Director works closely with the Foundation’s Board of Directors, the CEO and leadership of the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona, the heads of all of the local Jewish agencies, the board chairs and rabbis of our community's diverse synagogues, and most importantly with the individual donors. 

The Executive Director is a strong community-builder who is the manager of a 6 member professional team which staffs finance, administration, policy, marketing, donor development, and grant-making activities.

Tucson, Arizona is a thriving Southwest community with a metropolitan population of 1,000,000.  The Jewish community numbers 25,000 and has distinguished itself with outstanding leadership and programming in all aspects of Jewish life.  Tucson’s Federation and Foundation have long been partners and leaders and have built a strong, innovative and unified Jewish community.

The Tucson Jewish Community Foundation was established in 1964 and is an affiliated corporation of the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona (JFSA). The JCF has current assets of $60 million and manages funds from the Albuquerque Jewish Community Foundation and the Prescott Foundation in addition to numerous Tucson-area fund-holders.  The JCF partners with 16 synagogues, agencies, and organizations holding endowment and custodial funds at the Foundation.

The Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona is proud to have inaugurated the Endowment Book of Life. Since its inception in 1991, more than 600 local individuals and families have signed the Endowment Book of Life, promising to make a legacy plan. Today 41 other communities have followed the Foundation's lead – from Montreal to Jacksonville, Kansas City to San Diego, Dallas to Winnipeg – adapting our materials and process to fit their community needs.

In December of 2009, lay and professional leaders from 26 of those communities gathered in Tucson for the first-ever Jewish Legacy Forum, which opened with our 18th anniversary celebration and signing of our Endowment Book of Life.

The JCF is one of five communities nationwide to receive a grant and  participate in the Areivim Community Legacy Initiative through which it actively partners with local synagogues and agencies to create permanent endowments.

At the heart of the Foundation’s work is individual and family legacy planning.  The mission of JCF is to encourage charitable giving, particularly endowment giving, to help ensure the continued vitality of those institutions and activities that promote Jewish identity or support a high quality of Jewish life, and to manage those funds received in a prudent and effective manner. 

Clear principles guide the actions of the Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona. The JCF is donor-centered with customized legacy planning.  Confidentiality of donor information is strictly observed and the Foundation maintains independent governance of financial and information systems.  The Foundation is a lay-driven organization, built on a strong relationship between lay leaders and professional staff.  The Foundation is collaborative, maintaining close relationships with the Federation and all of its organizational affiliates and synagogues.


The Executive Director of the Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona, working with the Board of Directors, will advance a culture of legacy – sustaining and building upon a philanthropic environment in which our community members are driven to establish legacy plans, and agencies and synagogues have the confidence to build endowments here that will endure into the future.

Personal Values:

  • Demonstrate strong ethical values and principles and the strength to sustain them.
  • Demonstrate a devotion to the Jewish Community on a local, national, and international level.


  • Professional staff leadership and development:  Ability to lead, motivate, inspire, challenge, and evaluate professional employees.
  • Adherence to Mission:  Proven ability to lead professional and lay leaders in the mission of the Foundation. 
  • Lay Leader Partnership:  Proven ability to work closely with, be guided by, and develop strong lay leaders who will partner with the Executive Director in the management of the Jewish Community Foundation.
  • Strategic Oversight:  Develop, maintain, and present quantitative and qualitative performance metrics, benchmarks and targets to measure the performance of the Foundation, its investments, its departments and committees, and employees.
  • Federation Alliance:  Report to and work with the Federation Executive Officer on matters of mutual interest.

Community Relations

  • Demonstrate public relations aptitude including strong communication, writing, and verbal skills.
  • Represent the Jewish Community Foundation and interact in a positive manner with local, national and international Jewish and secular organizations.
  • Serve as one of the primary spokespersons for JCF in conjunction with the President of the Board. 
  • Develop and maintain a cooperative relationship with the Federation Executive Officer and with each of the agency heads and synagogue leadership.  Fully understand their leadership needs, challenges, and strategies.

Donor Development and Relations

  • Demonstrate excellence in donor relationships (development of new gifts and the retention of existing gifts)
  • Provide Legacy Planning services to individuals and organizations in a personal one-on-one process to maximize each one’s philanthropic intent.
  • Coordinate Professional Advisory Groups/Advisors in assisting donors with their Legacy Planning.
  • Improve the JCF’s financial autonomy by implementing a financial strategy which gives the Foundation new sources of donors and income.
  • Implement and maintain an effective donor recognition plan.
  • Implement and maintain a donor retention plan.

Financial Accountability and Oversight

  • Be accountable for the financial performance of the Foundation with respect to approved budgets.
  • Be accountable to individual donors, synagogues, and agencies for the performance of their funds held by the Foundation.
  • Be accountable to individual donors, synagogues, and agencies for the timely reporting of the performance of their funds held by the Foundation.
  • Manage day-to-day key activities and operations either directly or through delegated powers including budget, allocation of funds and allocation of resources. 

Board Relations

  • Cultivate, recruit, build, and maintain effective relationships with top volunteer leadership and leadership prospects to ensure a future cadre of lay leaders at the Jewish Community Foundation.
  • Serve on the Foundation Executive Committee and Board as a full non-voting member.
  • Serve on JCF Committees as a staff member to provide content and/or advice.
  • Report to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors on a regular basis
  • Bring major issues to the President for discussion/decision on a regular basis.
  • Consult with appropriate lay leaders on a regular basis.


  • Bachelor’s degree required; advanced degree an asset.
  • Strong, demonstrated track record of leadership in mid to large-sized organizations.
  • Clear passion for the mission of the Jewish Community Foundation, Jewish Federations of North America, the Tucson Jewish Community, and Israel.
  • Relevant experience in the arena of Jewish culture and identity, legacy planning and development.
  • Proven success in not-for-profit leadership positions, whether professional or lay.
  • Willingness to become personally involved in specific Legacy and development efforts, individual or institutional.
  • Capacity to manage a multifunctional organization.
  • Professional management expertise, including the ability to achieve annual budget targets, and balance operational and development initiatives within fixed income parameters.
  • Ability to earn the respect of others in a participative manner; people motivator and team builder, full of initiative and drive.
  • Strong problem-solving and organizational skills.

A competitive compensation package is available for the successful candidate.

Desired Education Degree/Level: Masters

Career Level: 5-10 yrs. experience

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