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JFNA Daily Media Report -- Feb. 15, 2012

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February 15, 2012 at 4:55 PM


In Mideast news, Israel says the series of attacks on Israelis in Asia and the Far East are linked, while Israel’s FM Lieberman says the world must respond, and Ha’aretz charges Israel’s intelligence services failed to issue any warnings.

Meanwhile, Iran unveils new nuclear programs, though Dennis Ross opines in the NY Times that Iran is ready to negotiate. PM Netanyahu says the world should draw ‘red lines’ on Iran, while Japan’s PM urges Israel not to attack. Finally, one analyst looks at the strategic communications crossing the Iran front.

Also, a leading Israeli military analyst urges Israel to take sides on Syria; Israel’s UN envoy delivers an impassioned plea for world action on Syria; and Foreign Policy magazine quotes U.S. officials as saying Russia and Iran are still arming  the Assad regime.


·         N.Y. Times -- Israeli Envoy Links Bangkok Bombs to Attacks in India and Georgia bangkok-linked-to-india-and-georgia-attacks-israeli-envoy-says.html
·         Jerusalem Post -- FM: World must respond decisively to Iranian attacks
·         Ha’aretz -- Israel’s Mossad, Shin Bet failed to identify Iran terror plot
·         Ha’aretz -- Ahmadinejad unveils three new Iran nuclear projects
·         Jerusalem Post -- PM: World needs red lines on Iran nuke program
·         Ha’aretz -- Japan PM to Barak: Israel must not strike Iran over nuclear program
·         Jewish Ideas Daily (analysis, Alex Joffe) -- The Signal to Noise War
·         N.Y. Times (op-ed, Dennis Ross) -- Iran Is Ready to Talk
·         The Times of Israel (commentary, Ehud Yaari) -- Taking Sides
·         Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs -- Speech on Syria by UN Ambassador Ron Prosor
Foreign Policy -- State Dept.: Russian and Iran still arming Bashar al-Assad

For more Israel-related news, see the weekly JFNA Israel news page:

For general security related issues, see these stories collected by JFNA’s Secure Community Network (SCN):


Israel Advocacy:

NY Jewish Week editor Gary Rosenblatt looks at a JAFI program, Makom, featured at the 2011 GA, that he says is effectively fostering social dialogue and Israel advocacy; and the same newspaper also reports on the JFNA/JCPA/IAN efforts to counter the Protestant Church USA’s planned anti-Israel plank.

·         N.Y. Jewish Week (op-ed, Gary Rosenblatt) -- Bettering Israel Without Battering Israel (highlights JFNA’s GA, Federation)
·         N.Y. Jewish Week -- BDS Goes to Church (highlights IAN, JCPA)

For more on Israel advocacy, see the Israel Action Network’s latest IAN Insider:

Israel-Diaspora and Social Issues:

Israeli rabbis tell the army to ignore extremist calls to bar women from singing in IDF troupes; and a JAFI spokesman says recent religious extremism actually reflects opposition to ever-greater religious mainstreaming.

Ha’aretz -- Rabbis to IDF chief: Ignore extremist Jews calling for the exclusion of women
Times of Israel (commentary, Haviv Gur) -- The remarkable good news about the haredim

For more on the religious-secular issues in Israel, see this JFNA resource page:

Federations/Philanthropy/Global Jewish Issues:

In global news, Jonathan Tobin, in Commentary, looks at the administration’s proposed cuts in charitable tax incentives (which JFNA opposes); the Huffington Post lists the top Jewish influences including JFNA’s Wiliam Daroff; the new Times of Israel portrays the young man behind a viral video sensation, and also offers an in-depth look at some next-gen communal efforts; UIA Canada is changing its name; Lynn Schusterman calls for greater communal inclusion; and the Washington Post profiles the woman behind Susan G. Komen.

Locally, Federations are featured in Collier County, FL; Colorado; Milwaukee; South Palm Beach; St. Louis; and Washington, DC.


Commentary magazine (op-ed, Jonathan Tobin) -- Obama’s Continued War on Philanthropy (mentions JFNA)
Huffington Post -- The Top 10 Jewish Influencers in Social Media (highlights JFNA, William Daroff)
Times of Israel -- The Conversation Starter
Times of Israel -- The Case of the NextGen Jews (highlights Federation)
Canada Jewish Tribune -- UIA Federations changes its name
Huffington Post (commentary, Lynn Schusterman) -- Creating a Jewish Culture of Inclusivity
Washington Post -- Nancy Brinker: The steely force in the Susan G. Komen foundation


Boulder Jewish News -- Applications Available for Young Women’s Scholarship Award (highlights Federation, TribeFest)
Naples Daily News -- Ted Koppel to speak at Jewish Federation event (highlights Federation)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel -- Survey paints broader picture of area’s Jewish community (highlights Federation)
South Florida Sun-Sentinel -- Pro athletes and cheerleaders draw crowd for Men's Sports Night Out (highlights Federation),0,7558317.story
Washington Post -- Montgomery groups work to free Potomac man from Cuban prison (mentions Federation)

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