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Jewish Agency for Israel

For 80 years, the Jewish Agency for Israel has been working with partners around the world to secure the future of a connected Jewish people with a strong Israel at its heart. Together, we have brought over three million people to Israel, striving to create an Israel of equal opportunity. The Jewish Agency’s efforts are aimed at facilitating the return of Jews to their homeland; bringing Israel into the lives of the next generation of Jews abroad; and strengthening Israel’s disadvantaged communities. The Jewish Agency focuses on achieving its goals through three primary areas of activity:

  1. Aliyah & Integration: Bringing a substantial number of Jews to live in Israel and ensuring their successful integration at every stage. This includes:
    • Programs for Lone Immigrant Soldiers
    • Aliyah and Absorption of immigrants from countries of distress
    • Specialized programs for Ethiopian immigrants, including educational Programs, Parent’s Empowerment, and a community Passover Seder
  2. Jewish Zionist Education: Working around the world to connect the next generation of Jews with Israel and Jewish Peoplehood as a central part of their Jewish identity. This includes:
    • Summer and Winter Camps and Youth Clubs in the former Soviet Union (FSU)
    • Hebrew language instruction
    • MASA, which enables young Jews aged 18-30 to spend a semester or year in Israel
  3. Shaping and Strengthening Israeli Society: Involving world Jewry with Israelis in shaping the future character of Israeli society and responding to crises. This includes:
    • Programs for at-risk youth, including Youth Futures and Youth Aliyah Villages, NET@ and ATIDIM
    • The Fund for Victims of Terror
    • Jewish-Arab Co-Existence Programs

World ORT

World ORT’s mission is to work for the advancement of Jewish and other people through training and education; to provide communities wherever they are, with the skills and knowledge necessary to cope with the complexities and uncertainties of their environment; to foster economic self-sufficiency, mobility and a sense of identity through use of state-of-the-art technology. Through International Cooperation programs, ORT supports non-sectarian economic and social development in under-developed parts of the world, with vocational training and the provision of technical assistance.

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

JDC has been the 911 of the Jewish world for 95 years. Today JDC rescues Jews at risk, provides life-sustaining relief to Jewish communities in need, ensures a Jewish future through global renewal of Jewish community life, and assists Israel’s most vulnerable citizens. Highlights include:

Relief for the World’s Poorest Jews: Providing life-saving support and basic human dignity to over 168,000 destitute Jewish elderly living in the former Soviet Union, including hunger relief, home care and medication.

Bolstering Israel’s Most Vulnerable Citizens: Strengthening Israel’s ability to help its weakest members, including children and youth at risk, the elderly, vulnerable immigrants, and people with disabilities. Priority programs include:

  • TEVET -- Breaking the cycle of poverty by removing barriers to employment
  • ESHEL – Revolutionizing Israel’s system of care for the aged
  • Ashalim – Improving the lives of the nearly 350,000 children considered “at risk”

Help for Jewish Children at Risk Around the World: Priority programs include:

  • Development of Jewish Family Services
  • SOS Emergency Assistance Program
  • Mazel Tov – Combines welfare services and Jewish community activity for families with young children, seeking to strengthen their connection to Judaism.

Ensuring a Jewish Future in the Former Soviet Union: Priority programs include:

  • Jewish Community Centers
  • Hillel
  • Jewish Family Camps
  • Young Leadership Programs
  • Professional Training Programs

Lifeline to the Most Vulnerable Communities: Priority programs include:

  • Medical and welfare programs in India, including Mumbai and rural villages
  • Home care for the Jewish elderly in Casablanca, Morocco
  • Special education programs for at-risk Jewish children in Morocco
  • Formal education support for Jewish schools in Morocco, Tunisia, and Turkey
  • Informal education assistance in India, Morocco, and Turkey to support youth groups and Jewish camps

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