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Weekly News Items from the Israeli Press, May 29, 2014


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 JFNA in the Israeli Press

Israel’s marriage crisis is not just Israel’s

(Times of Israel) Jewish Federations of North America are preparing to launch a new campaign to support groups that foster diversity of religious expression in Israel.


JFNA Partners in the Israeli Press

JDC president says volunteers never hit a glass ceiling

(Times of Israel) In Israel for the Joint’s 100th anniversary, Penny Blumenstein predicts women are heading for an era of more equality.


Ethiopian Israelis: Separate and unequal

(Times of Israel) Joint Distribution Committee recently celebrated its 100th anniversary and it certainly has plenty of proud achievements.

The facts on progress for Ethiopian-Israelis

(Times of Israel) The comprehensive data regarding the impact of the range of programs for Ethiopian Israelis actually reveals encouraging trends.


Welfare and Social Issues

How the pope triumphed over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

(Times of Israel) Francis’ unorthodox ideology saved him from traps that have ensnared other world leaders, and helped him score a victory for the Catholic Church.


Chief rabbi to pope: Establish interfaith anti-violence confab

(Jpost) Rabbi David Lau says condemnation of anti-Semitism and hate crimes in words alone is insufficient.


Civil Society

Jerusalem Day census reveals modern day battle for Jerusalem

(Ynet) After 47 years of unification, religious and secular communities in Jeruslaem remain divided in a battle for the character of the Holy City.


Iran hackers spy on U.S. leaders, Israel lobby using phony Facebook profiles

(Haaretz) Three-year cyber espionage campaign targeted hundreds of world leaders from the U.S., Britain, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.


Religious Pluralism in Israel

Haredi women accuse Bennett of discrimination

(Ynet) Ultra-Orthodox women slam decision not to include them in economy minister's program for integration of haredim in civil service.


Jewish World

400 U.S. rabbis express support for pope’s efforts to promote interfaith dialogue

(Haaretz) Open letter comes in response to vandalism targeting Christian sites in Israel, other rabbis' objections to holding Mass in Cenacle.


2014 Katz Award goes to 4 prominent rabbis

(Ynet) Award honoring those working to apply Jewish law in modern life honored given to Rabbis Jonathan Sacks, Zvi Schachter, Zalman Goldberg, Yohoshua Neuwirth.


Israel-US Relations

Think about it: The crisis in Israel-American Jewry relations

(Jpost) Growing up in Israel, American visitors were frequent, but today hardly anyone ever comes.


Arts and Culture

Justin Timberlake posts photo of himself praying at Western Wall

Pop singer prayed hours before he is set to take to the stage for his much-anticipated concert in Tel Aviv.


Op-Eds and Opinion Pieces from the Israel Press

Ma'ariv comments on the upcoming presidential election and says, "The efforts that were made this time by the supporters of the various candidates – with or without their knowledge – in besmirching the [other] candidates and digging in their past in order to find and bring out the skeletons in their closets have driven the race to an unprecedented nadir." The author believes that, "The dirty race for the presidency proves that the future of the lofty institution and its character deserve a thorough evaluation and not a superficial discussion on the eve of an election."


Yediot Ahronot suggests that, "A considerable portion of terrorist attacks, including apparently the attack in Brussels, stem from brainwashing that turns rivals into representatives of Satan." The author adds that, "When Peter Beinart, one of the stars of the Jewish Left in the US, tweeted a few days ago that Israelis had carried out a pogrom – this is a blood libel. Beinart is neither a racist skinhead, nor a jihadist, but he thus gave legitimacy to countless reports about 'war crimes' because he is a Jew and even pretends to be a Zionist. Beinart tweeted a correction, but there is something frightening in the insufferable ease with which Israel has been turned into a monster," and concludes, "What happened in Brussels – and not just there – stems from lies and incitement, and people like Beinart are also responsible."





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