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Federation Activities in the Negev - A Slideshow

The Jewish Federations of North America are forging new partnerships to make a difference in the Negev. Learn about the ways federations are helping to develop the region by clicking on the above title.



Negev Conference 2014 

The Negev: Shaping the Future Together

June 15-16, 2014 - Wilmington, Delaware

Registration is open and the program is online. Check out the website for full details-

The Negev Work Group and The Negev Funding Coalition

Established in 2006, the Negev Work Group evaluates the most effective ways in which the Jewish Federations of North America can contribute to the development and advancement of the Negev. Learn more about the creation of the Negev Work Group and the Negev Funding Coalition here.

The Negev Funding Coalition is a by-product of the Negev Work Group and was established in April 2011.  The Coalition, is currently comprised of 8 Federations and 1 partner organization (and growing) whose goal is to inspire and support the development of the Negev and contribute to the region's internal and external image through joint funding of strategic high-impact projects addressing the region's significant challenges. The Coalition aims to encourage Federations and other funders interested in the Negev to collaborate and contribute philanthropically to these projects. 

In Year 2 of its work, the Coalition is currently supporting a pioneering and impactful project: 'Young Communities, Sustainable Future'. The project is an example of entrepreneurial work, establishing the Negev as a hub for young adult communities. The Coalition is also supporting Project FIRST Israel, which runs robotics competitions for high school students, exposing them to a world of technlogy.                                                          

 - Visit the Young Communities, Sustainable Future webpage containing updates, articles and more.

- Vist the Project FIRST Israel webpage containing news, pictures and content material

 - Visit the Negev Funding Coalition Clean Technology webpage

For those interested in joining the Coalition, please contact Talya Levin.

Visit here for quick updates on what's been going on - Negev Funding Coalition Snapshots, #2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Federation Involvement in the Negev

Federations are constantly investing, visiting and supporting the Negev. Read about recent Federation involvement in the Negev here. Connect with the Federation of MetroWest New Jersey's activities in Israel through a blog penned by Amir Shacham, the Federation's Director of Israel Operations.

Read about communal advancement: working together to apply novel approaches to solving pressing challenges in the periphery regions. 


The Negev from Now to 2020: GA 2011

The Negev held center stage at the 2011 GA in Denver with a session attended by over 200 Negev enthusiasts from around North America and Israel. Read more.