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Weekly News Items from the Israeli Press, June 23, 2011

Federation Projects in the Israeli Press

TA Bialik-Rogozin students get a grip on Oscar glory

(JPost) Karen Goodman and Kirk Simon, makers of the 2011 Academy Award winning documentary short Strangers No More, brought their two Oscars to the south Tel Aviv school featured in the film on Monday for a celebration with the students held to mark the last day of classes.

New Orleans 'Top Chefs' to visit Israel

(YNet) Four world-renowned New Orleans chefs, including television celebrity John Besh, will be traveling to Israel between June 23 and 30 as part of the Jewish Agency’s Partnership 2000 (P2K) initiative, which pairs Jewish communities and federations in the United States with “sister” communities in Israel.


JFNA Partners in the Israeli Press

Taglit tours 'Israel's Silicon Valley'

(YNet) Some 200 participants of Birthright Israel's summer trips meet CEOs of leading high-tech companies to learn about global impact of Israeli business.


Sharansky recalls his champion, friend from Soviet days

(JPost) Jewish Agency for Israel chairman highlights that Soviet dissident Yelena Bonner's love for Israel was overlooked after she passed away.


The collapse of Zionist leadership

(JPost) Candidly speaking: Today, we desperately need a global Jewish pro-Israel caucus which could emerge from a reformed Jewish Agency.



Yishai working to have ID cards state one's religion

(JPost) Interior Minister Eli Yishai (Shas) is working to change identity cards so that they once again state the holder’s religion and thus prevent non-Orthodox converts from being defined on their IDs as Jews.

Rabbinic court defeats public 2-0

(YNet) How did rabbinic judges manage to convince us all of the new law – that it is possible to cancel conversion? This campaign of intimidation must be stopped.


Welfare and Social Issues

'Substandard hospital conditions caused 1,500 deaths in 2010'

(Haaretz) Substandard conditions in Israeli hospitals are causing deaths, Prof. Ardon Rubinstein, who heads the Institute of Metabolic Diseases at Tel Aviv's Sourasky Medical Center, told the Knesset State Control Committee yesterday.


Number of Israeli millionaires up by 20.6% in 2010, report reveals

(Haaretz) The number of millionaires in Israel rose in 2010 by more than 20.6 percent to 10,153, according to the latest annual Merrill Lynch-Capgemini World Wealth Report released on Wednesday.


Wanted: A policy on our Arab citizens

(JPost) Israel must increase the identification of Arab citizens with the state in those spheres relevant to a person who is not Jewish and not a Zionist.

Panel on life in Jerusalem reveals city’s many divisions

(JPost) A wide range of Jerusalemite leaders gathered at the President’s Conference at the International Convention Center on Wednesday to examine the complicated reality of life in the capital.


As food prices rise, NGOs say gov’t war on poverty failing

(JPost) Welfare organizations working with the poor criticized a new government initiative to tackle poverty and food insecurity on Thursday, saying that in light of sharp increases in food prices, especially for milk products, the program’s limited budget could render it ineffective.

Israeli Periphery

Fire damages 2,000 dunams of open space in Golan

(JPost) A fire that blighted approximately 2,000 dunams (200 hectares) of open space and nature reserves – but caused no injuries – on the Golan Heights on Saturday morning was under control by about 5 p.m., the Fire and Rescue Service said.


Kiryat Shmona Trauma Center Opens New Facility

(eJP) Earlier this week, after operating out of temporary spaces throughout Kiryat Shmona, the Community Stress Prevention Center (CSPC) in Kiryat Shmona opened the doors of a new, permanent training and treatment facility


Aliyah and Immigration

Two groups leave U.S. to Israel: One to immigrate, the other to break Gaza blockade

(Haaretz) In the past few days, two very different groups held farewell parties in Washington, DC. One event was held in honor of 65 olim leaving for Israel. The other was for American peace activists on their way to Athens, to sail from there to Gaza, as part of another flotilla trying to break the blockade.


Here comes another lost tribe

(JPost) Thousands of kilometers to the east, in the furthest reaches of northeastern India, a long-lost community continues to nourish its age-old dream of returning to its ancient homeland, the land of Israel.

Jewish-Arab Co-Existence

Palestinians, Jordanians join Knesset environment day

(JPost) A delegation including 11 Palestinians and 11 Jordanians from Friends of the Earth Middle East took part on Tuesday in the Knesset’s environment day. They attended the afternoon environmental caucus and met individually with government officials.


Schools to bridge racial divide

(YNet) The Education Ministry has decided to bridge the divide between Jews and Arabs with a new plan, entitled 'Education for coexistence'.

Israel Philanthropy/Activism

The future of Jewish philanthropy

(JPost) Jews are still among the world’s most generous givers. But they are not giving to Israel or Jewish causes.


ROI summit on future of Jewish people ends in J’lem

(JPost) After five days of discussing the future of the Jewish people, the ROI Young Leadership Summit came to a close in Jerusalem on Thursday.


First annual ‘Hilleluyah’ celebrates Jewish renewal

(JPost) Professionals and students from across Israel, and around the world, gathered in Tel Aviv on Monday night for the first annual “Hilleluyah,” to celebrate the work of Hillel Israel, the Israeli division of the world’s largest Jewish campus organization.


Working together for TA's future

(YNet) (Video) In joint effort by Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality and Presentense organization, city's young entrepreneurs encouraged to voice their ideas and do something about them.


Jewish World

Will Rabbinical Court get female director?

(YNet) Supreme Court justices hold hearing on petition demanding to change appointment procedure for director of Rabbinical Court, allow women to contend for role.


Op-Eds from the Hebrew Press

Ma'ariv suggests that, "Facebook is Israel's only true opposition today."  The author bewails the state of Kadima and says that, "The doctors are striking, the cottage cheese protest is at its height and the largest party in the Knesset has disappeared.  It has no agenda and nothing to say but slogans and gimmicks."


Yediot Ahronot contends that, "In the framework of the [Government] policy of 'there is no policy,' Israel refuses consider asylum requests by Africans, on the claim that they are arriving from hostile countries.   Since it does not check the requests, it also does not maintain any process which can determine who qualifies as a refugee and who does not.  The result – blanket immunity.  That means that those undeserving of protection remain here as well.  And the problem is quickly worsening.  Last week was a record-breaker, when 623 people crossed the Israel-Egypt border in only two weeks.  All that remains for the Netanyahu Government to do is to continue not dealing with them, and to patiently await a disaster."


Yisrael Hayom reminds its readers that doctors have been holding rolling sanctions for three months as part of their, "struggle to improve their pay and advance the public health system," but suggests that, "It seems that Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman and Health Ministry Director-General Prof. Ronnie Gimzu are not doing enough to promote dialogue with the doctors.  Sometimes it seems that the two are even blocking progress that has almost been achieved on some of the issues in dispute."  The author declares that, "The heads of the Health Ministry must take action to urgently advance the dialogue with the doctors in order to end the crisis and – together with them – move forward on resolving the basic problems in Israel's public health system."