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Weekly News Items from the Israeli Press, August 18, 2011


JFNA Partners in the Israeli Press

'Frat brat' turned fundraising phenom making a splash

(Haaretz) Taglit trips must be achieving their stated goal of drawing Diaspora Jews closer to the fold if 29-year-old Canadian David Goodman is any indication.


Healthy smile for Shoah survivors

(Ynet) Oral Health Association operates mobile dental care service arriving at homes of elderly in need of treatment at subsidized price


Welfare and Social Issues

Privatization of school health services to end in periphery

(Jpost) Health Ministry will hire public health nurses in the northern and southern district from Ashkelon downwards.


The parent trap: Israeli moms desperate not to be housewives

(Haaretz) Inadequate and expensive child care means it still doesn't pay for some moms to work.


Social Justice Protests

Estimated 70,000 attend periphery social justice protests

(Jpost) Organizers bypass Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in effort to "let the rest of the voices speak"; over 20,000 rally in Haifa


Holon demonstrators seek compromise over evacuation

(Jpost) Committee chair of impoverished Jesse Cohen neighborhood writes letter to municipality warns events could "spin out of control" if shacks destroyed.


Strike brings Israel’s public health system to a standstill

(Haaretz) All government general, psychiatric and geriatric hospitals to strike; outpatient clinics and departments in these hospitals will be closed to outpatients, only urgent operations to be performed.


Ex-chief rabbi to protesters: You've captured my heart

(Haaretz) Rabbi Yisrael Lau tells Student Union representatives that he's never seen so many Israelis come together; says he'll contact Netanyahu.


Little kids and big slogans: the protest is a family affair

(Haaretz) Parents have set up a protest summer camp in the Sharon region, and it looks a little like an amusement park decorated with the theme of social justice.


Stay on Israel's streets until you're a million-strong

(Haaretz) Don't expect change to come to you; you are the change.


Israelis, stop whining

(Ynet) Op-ed: Recent wave of social protest mostly an indication that Israelis have become spoiled


Defense Ministry may give up army bases for housing

(Jpost) Sde Dov, Mahane 80, Sirkin among bases considered


Aliyah and Immigration

104 would-be soldiers arrive en masse to join IDF

(Jpost) Nefesh B’Nefesh flight lands from New York with 359 new immigrants.


Israeli Economy

Israel's socioeconomic panel to shift focus from middle class to poor

(Haaretz) Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg and his team of experts will deal with low-income groups that would benefit the most from reforms.


Within the existing system, real change, Netanyahu tells Israel Hayom

(Israel Hayom) In an exclusive interview, Prime Minister says social ills can be rectified without changing the economic system



4-year-old Filipino girl born in Israel faces deportation

(Jpost) PIBA: Contrary to media reports, situation is not unprecedented; girl is "far from being on borderline of meeting the state criteria to stay."



Break out the Champagne! J'lem light rail to start

(Jpost) Cyclists concerned they won’t be allowed to board with bikes.


Religious Pluralism in Israel

Parents appeal sex segregation in school

(Ynet) Group of parents from Petah Tikva file High Court petition against Education Ministry's decision to separate between boys and girls in religious school


Science, Technology and Development

Israel to build 5th desalination plant

(Ynet) Finance Ministry says five plants will together supply 75% of country's drinking water by 2013


Arts and Culture

Rare Hercules statue unearthed in Jezreel Valley

(Jpost) White marble Roman-era Hero found without head in dig under new railroad line at Horvat Tarbenet; site was probably old Roman bathhouse.

Op-Eds and Opinion Pieces from the Israel Press

Yisrael Hayom's author tells, "Why the welfare state frightens me.  The 'welfare state' and the 'socialist economy' have become magic words.  But, in reality, they are what caused the crumbling of the European economy right before our very eyes."


Ma'ariv maintains that, "What will happen on the 20th of September is more-or-less what happens today.  Gasoline will flow through the pumps; electricity through the cables, milk will be in containers as will be cottage cheese..."  In short, the author contends that, "The day on which the Palestinians intend to declare statehood is not supposed to change our lives.  Because the reality is not only what is determined by the media's agenda."