Alexander Muss High School in Israel
Israel Campus: 9 Aliyat HaNoar Street
Hod Hasharon, 45102
Phone: 011.972.9.740.5705
Fax: 011.972.9.740.5934
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Alexander Muss High School in Israel, known to most as AMHSI or just HSI, is a study abroad program in Israel for high school students with a 6 week summer program, 8 week program during the year and a semester program.  This is a high school unlike any other, where education is imparted through experience and history is infused into everything you do.  While keeping up with classes from your home school and gaining important college preparatory skills, you will also be learning about Israel through first-hand experience.  In Israel, your "classroom" is the land itself as you travel to the places where history was made.  Eexcutive Office in US:  78 Randall Avenue, Rockville Centre, NY 11570, Phone: 212.472.9300.