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The organization hopes to effect a conceptual change in the approach to poverty and social welfare, a change which will permeate all sectors of the population in Israel.

The concept of the poor and destitute as inferior, with a lack of skills and other environmental deprivations, is held, in many cases, both by the deprived themselves and the authorities assisting them, as well as by social and charitable organizations.  This perception is liable to cause the poor and underprivileged to be perpetually in need of economic aid and support. In order to change this situation we have to look at these people and discover their intrinsic abilities and understand that this reality can be changed. The change depends on self-image and environmental support. Freeing the needy and their families from dependence will give them an opportunity to change their status and to integrate them selves into Israeli society, with a chance to contribute to the community and to that society.

Incorporating this concept into the admirable work being done today by the authorities and organizations should markedly improve the help given by them, since what we see at present is the number of the poverty stricken only growing as is the inability of the various organizations to cope with the load. By implementing this concept the dimensions of poverty will be reduced and the level of assistance to each family will be increased.

We believe that the natural desire of every person is to be independent and not to have to rely on the charity of others. We are required to provide each person with the belief in himself that he has the ability to do this and to furnish him with the wherewithal and necessary support to achieve this end. This is the correct and best way of preserving a person’s dignity, whoever he may be.

As the Torah says; “There shall be no destitute among you”.

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