#65Reasons to Go to GA Israel 2013

The Global Jewish Shuk: A Marketplace of Dialogue & Debate

GA Israel 2013  l  November 10-12 


#1. Reignite your passion for our people, our heritage, our land and the work we do together.

#2. The food in Israel just gets more amazing – and most places don’t deliver to North America.

#3. The top political and cultural leaders of Israel will be there to greet you and inspire you.

#4. Israel at 65 is far from retiring – it’s exciting, cutting-edge and bursting with vitality.

#5. Interact with our Israeli and global partners, and see firsthand some of the essential work that our system supports.

#6. There is no city in the world like Jerusalem – and no GA like a GA in Jerusalem.

#7. If you try to go to a GA in North America this year, you won’t find one.

#8. If you don’t join us, you’ll have to wait until 2018 for another GA in Israel!

#9. Get in touch with your roots in a country filled with the rich history of the Jewish people.

#10. The tomatoes taste great and they are in season all year long.

#11. The beaches are awesome.

#12. Meet the current players in Israel’s ever-evolving political landscape.

#13. Engage in passionate dialogue about the critical issues facing our worldwide communities.

#14. Find out the true stories behind what you read about Israel in your local paper.

#15. There is nothing like a JFNA pre-GA mission in Israel to get you PUMPED and ready for an amazing gathering of the Federation system.

#16. If you’re going to be yelled at by a cabbie, won’t it sound better in Hebrew?

#17. Visit Sderot! You’ll get a warm welcome and some tasty falafel.

#18. Even in November, the weather is mild – some say it’s the best time of year.

wikimedia image -- floating newspaper#19. Take a tiyul in the Judean desert.

#20. The Dead Sea has healing properties.

#21. Walk in the footsteps of our ancestors.

#22. Feel the buzz of one of the world’s most technologically innovative countries.

#23. Learn to bargain like never before.

#24. Behold the sunrise over Masada.

#25. Instantly shed pounds by floating in the Dead Sea.

#26. Israel has the best hummus in the world.

#27. Israeli cuisine is so much more than just (really legendary) hummus – and we don’t just mean falafel!  From farm fresh cheese, to hot out-of-the-oven rugelach, you won’t go hungry.

#28. Where else can you visit a desert, mountains, beaches, farm villages and skyscraper cities all in one country the size of New Jersey?

#29. Make a pilgrimage to the holy birthplace of…Natalie Portman.

#30. Visit the same beach that the Zohan goes to.

#31. Think of the frequent flyer miles!

#32. Can you imagine the Jewish guilt if you don't go?

#33.  If you like tight security, you'll love traveling to Israel for the GA.

#34. Connect with 3,000 other North American Jews.

#35. This is a great opportunity to practice – or learn! – some Hebrew.

#36. Drink limonana – frozen lemonade with fresh mint – at Aroma Café. 

#37. Tuck into an Israeli breakfast, the world’s best way to start the day.

#reason 65 to go to Israel for the GA38. Visit your long-lost Israeli relatives while you’re in town.

#39. Learn to say café hafuch and get the best lattes in the world.

#40. Grab a matkot paddle and give Israel's national game a try. It's got to be more fun than it looks, right?

#41. Play Jewish geography with some of the newest Israelis from Ethiopia.

#42. Want a new Jewish job? Line up an interview (or 100); the whole Jewish world is at the GA.

#43. Everybody’s doing it.

#44. You haven’t been to Israel since you were 16 on a teen tour – it’s time to go back!

#45. Israel gave us David Broza.

#46. Surround yourself with even MORE Jews than you could find in NYC.

#47. If you go to one GA in five years, make it count.

#48. Marzipan Bakery’s rugelach are out of this world.

#49. Feast your eyes on those beautiful Israeli men and women.

#50. Pray at the Kotel.

#51. Tackle the Jewish community’s most pressing problems.

#52. Discover the latest Israeli fashion and jewelry designers.

#53. Buy Judaica gifts for every wedding and bar/bat mitzvah for the next five years!

#54. Discover the world’s hottest wine region and take home some kosher wine.

#55. Eat the freshest pomegranate you can find.

paul coyle photo from flikr w cc use#56. Be a part of the Jewish future by getting involved in the Jewish community of today.

#57. Spend a magical Shabbat in Jerusalem.

#58. Get Ahava products from the source.

#59. Participate in challenging conversations about Federations and the global Jewish community.

#60. Shop for spices at the famous Levinsky market in Tel Aviv.

#61. Enjoy Israel’s world-class cultural scene. See a dance or theater performance, or at least buy a music CD or a novel in translation.

#62. Become a part of the great Jewish narrative while the story is still being written.

#63. Recharge your batteries and go home with new ideas, networks, and inspiration to build upon in your own community.

#64. Say “L’hitraot” instead of goodbye when you leave, because you know you’ll be back – for the 2018 GA if not sooner!

#65.  You may be greeted in Hebrew by a Arab bus driver, a Chassidic car mechanic, a police officer from Russia, an IDF soldier from Ethiopia and a cab driver from America.

What's Your Reason?

Congratulations to Daniel Katzenstein, the winner of our '#65Reasons to go to the GA in Israel' contest.

Daniel is a medic with a volunteer ambulance corps in Jerusalem. His reason: "You may be greeted in Hebrew by a Arab bus driver, Chassidic car mechanic, a police officer from Russia, an IDF soldier from Ethiopia and cab driver from America."

Daniel, enjoy your prize -- a basket of Israeli treats!

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